Denmark Primary School (5767)

School Overview

Denmark Primary School encourages the support, engagement and feedback of our local community. We have active parent/carer participation and an experienced and committed staff. Students at our school are often referred to in the local community as responsible, creative, sporting, inclusive and welcoming. We cater for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and currently have an enrolment of approximately 420 students.

Denmark is a small town and boasts being near both the forests and the sea. The beauty of the town has a positive impact on the school. The school itself is fortunate to be on a 6 hectare site with three ovals and lush green gardens that surround the main school buildings.

Parent and community members are regular and welcome visitors in the school participating in activities. The school community enjoy a number of events in the school's calendar which are anticipated each year with high expectation and enthusiasm. These annual events showcase a range of student skills and include: Book Week Dress as your Favourite Character Assembly and Poster & Book Review Competitions; Anzac Ceremony; Swimming, Cross Country, Football, Netball and Athletics Carnivals; Easter Hat Parade; Year 6 Graduation; Learning Journey Term 1 and 3 and the Volunteer Thank You Morning Tea.

We have a positive reputation in the wider community and regularly contribute to community activities. Connections with community groups are welcomed and the school acknowledges that fostering connections can be a significant protective resource that contributes to building resilience of its students. We have a focus on using local content to engage students in authentic learning experiences and to help them make connections between local, state, national and global events. There are a significant proportion of environmentally conscious residents in the community whose support enhances the school initiatives and programs.

At Denmark Primary School we are continuously striving to strengthen the knowledge, skills and values of our students and the capacity of our staff. We have created a culture where the focus is on 'life long learning' for all - students and staff. Our staff are committed to collaboratively mastering and implementing whole school evidence based teaching strategies to ensure there is continual improvement in student achievement.

Denmark Primary School proudly became an Independent Public School in 2017.