Landsdale Primary School (5766)

School Overview

Our students are supported to be happy and resilient. They are encouraged to make appropriate choices through our emphasis on Positive Education. This philosophy contributes to a whole school approach in managing student behaviour that minimises bullying.

Our student results compare favourably with national averages. Our teachers work in teams developing curriculum and instructional strategies to help individual students improve their learning. Parents have reported our teachers are approachable and open regarding discussing their children's learning.

The digital technology program and learning environment are innovative to cater to the needs of individual students. For instance, the early years' education taps into children's interests to create more meaningful play. Extension programs in the music, art, science and physical education programs offer access to specialist knowledge and add vibrancy to the school.

There is a strong sense of community where the school board contributes significantly to the direction and performance of the school. Our Parents and Citizens Association is also an active organisation which provides ongoing support for the school.

Landsdale Primary School is part of the Ashdale Cluster of neighbouring schools. The partnership centrepiece is an integrated, holistic kindergarten to Year 12 learning community. This has led to a shared identity and a strong sense of being an inclusive community.