Beeliar Primary School (5756)

School Overview

Beeliar Primary School is a Level 5 Independent Public School with a school population of 404 students. Our Aboriginal population has grown to 10% and we currently have an ICSEA (Index of Community Social Economic Advantage) of 1002. Beeliar Primary School offers primary education from Kindergarten to Year Six. Fifty additional students attend the Fremantle Language Development Centre who share our school site. The school is situated within the Beeliar estate and is surrounded by beautiful bushland.

Students and staff enjoy modern learning and work environments. The school has outstanding facilities which include a purpose built Visual Arts Centre, a Performance Arts and Music Centre with capacity to convert to an indoor auditorium, and a school library and information centre. Classrooms are designed to promote collaborative practices and students in each teaching block have ready access to iPads, laptops and computers.

Our moral purpose at Beeliar PS is to become a school of excellence, excellence in academic performance, excellence in behaviour, excellence in culture and excellence in our reputation in the community. We have spent the last three years reflecting on our practice and have worked hard as a team to create and deliver a strong school improvement plan. We believe that building staff capacity and being a part of a high performing team is the corner stone of school improvement. In order for students to have the best outcomes they need to have effective teachers who know what and how to teach. At Beeliar PS we are building our reputation to be the school of choice in our area, as we work towards achieving excellence. We believe that high quality teaching is achievable in every classroom, for every child, every day.

Our focus has been on developing and building teacher capacity so that every classroom has effective lesson delivery. We have focused on embedding consistent and effective instructional strategies with our implementation of Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) and Visible Learning. Our lesson delivery is consistent and based on evidence and research. We are developing fined grained scope and sequences in Literacy and Numeracy. We believe in the Science of Reading and have implemented reading programs across the school that support this pedagogy. We have developed a growth mindset and believe that anything is possible.

Our purpose is to become a school of excellence, to empower students to reach their potential and strive for academic success, to Stand Tall in the face of life's challenges, to successfully contribute to society and to find purpose, meaning and happiness in life.