Beeliar Primary School (5756)

School Overview

Beeliar Primary School is a public school that offers primary education to over four hundred and seventy students from Kindergarten to Year Six. Fifty five additional students attend the Fremantle Language Development Centre that has four classes located on our site.

Students and staff enjoy modern learning and work environments. The school has outstanding facilities which include a purpose built visual arts centre, a performance arts and music centre with capacity to convert to an indoor auditorium, and a showpiece school library and information centre. Classrooms are designed to promote collaborative practices and students in each teaching block have ready access to pods of computers.

Our vision is to empower students to strive for their academic goals, to stand tall in the face of life's challenges and to successfully contribute to society.

Our school has the motto of Stand Tall which is the cornerstone of a pastoral care program that has a strong focus on values and virtues. Our golden rule is to treat everyone how you would like to be treated. Our Stand Tall program won a Norm Hyde Award (2011) which recognises excellence in pastoral care in education.

The school operates a number of specialist programs including physical education, visual arts, performing arts, music and Italian.

The commitment and expertise of staff are recognised both within our local community and in broader education circles. Beeliar teachers have been named as semi finalists in the Teacher of the Year Awards(2011) and the Early Childhood Teacher of the Year Awards(2012), and as a winner of the Beginning Teacher of the Year Awards(2011). A Beeliar teacher also won the Sangora Scholarship (2010) which provides funds to support research into the mental health of students.

Parents and community members play an active role in ensuring students are provided with the best possible learning opportunities.