Endeavour Primary School (5750)

School Overview

Endeavour Primary School is located in the suburb of Port Kennedy, approximately 10km south of Rockingham. Working in partnership with the Endeavour Education Support Centre, we have formed Endeavour Schools to provide a truly inclusive setting for the benefit of all students from Kindergarten through to Year 6. We take pride in our inclusive practices across all year levels and our ability to provide diverse learning opportunities for students and staff.

We offer innovative learning programs designed to cater for the learning styles, talents and needs of all our students within a safe, caring and supportive environment. Our staff are fully committed to a continual process of curriculum improvement with a focus on raising student standards and achievement across all learning areas. Staff actively engage in analysing school-based data, setting student improvement targets and adopting evidence-based teaching and learning approaches. We use a consultative and collaborative approach to meet the needs of individual students.

Endeavour Schools' staff seek ways to enhance student learning and wellbeing by partnering with our families and community. We build positive relationships through a shared common purpose, shared beliefs and values. Our staff are committed to catering for all students, with specific emphasis on:
- maintaining a positive learning culture,
- ensuring a high quality teaching and learning program, and
- enhancing a supportive learning environment where students can thrive.

Students are taught in modern classrooms; all with access to the latest in information technology. We also have multiple play areas designed to provide opportunities for students to interact and develop their physical skills and imagination through nature based play. Our School Board and P&C are actively engaged in supporting the Schools in resourcing and strategic planning that ensures student success while interacting with the broader school community network.

To discover more about Endeavour Schools contact our school office on (08) 9524 5000.