Ellenbrook Primary School (5745)

School Overview

At Ellenbrook Primary School we prepare children for lifelong learning by providing a positive, caring and cooperative environment that promotes equality, respect, creativity, self-esteem and the pursuit of personal excellence.

A strong and diverse community Ellenbrook Primary School is home to over 50 different cultures which provides us with unique opportunities to learn from each other.

Located in the rapidly growing north eastern corridor of Perth, Ellenbrook Primary School is the oldest, largest and most established primary school of the schools in the Ellenbrook.

As a school community we believe our children will have equal opportunity to reach their full potential according to their individual needs and the needs of a changing society.

Our teachers are highly skilled in a variety of teaching practices and are able to relate to children and their parents. We have successful specialist programs in ICT, science, physical education and performing arts. We set high standards for student learning, which are supplemented by the world's best educational programs

We strive to develop attitudes and values which equip students for a successful life. All students understand and follow our code of behaviour, creating a caring, supportive and mutually respectful learning environment.

As an Independent Public School we have strong parent input through our School Board, who along with our P & C Association, are very active and supportive in our school's development.

We welcome you to visit our website or contact us to find out more about our school:
T: 9297 7300
W: www.ellenbrookps.wa.edu.au/
E: 9297 7300