Singleton Primary School (5736)

School Overview

Our school's moral purpose is Inspiring Lifelong Learners, our ethos of 'it takes a village to raise a child' embodies and drives the thinking of staff and community members as they strive to create a learning environment that produces well rounded citizens on which to build the future of this community. Singleton is supported through the information provided through 'Be You', and is recognised by ASIC as a national leader in the teaching of financial literacy.

Specialist programs in performing arts, Indonesian from year 1 - 6, physical education, library, science and kitchen garden add to the wide variety of learning experiences. The Primary Extension and Challenge Program operates as a Specialist District initiative for students in Years 5 and 6.

Our school is an active participant in the Coastal Lakes Cluster (CLC), a collaboration involving Singleton PS, Coastal Lakes College, Meadow Springs PS, Lakelands PS and Oakwood PS. The CLC plays a major role in staff development, transition for students, curriculum development and implementation as well as defining a quality Kindergarten to Year 12 public school pathway for students in this community.

Staff members demonstrate a strong commitment to school planning processes and are actively engaged on committees. We are also committed to develop decision making in a participate and accountable model. Our school fosters collaborative teaching and assures comparability in program delivery and monitoring of outcomes through strategies which see teachers openly sharing. It is expected that teachers demonstrate a long term commitment to meaningful, collaborative school improvement strategies.

The Singleton School Community is active and supportive, and staff foster the positive relationships evident. Students support the wearing of school uniform and school facilities are used by a number of community groups with a strong spirit of cooperation.

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