Marri Grove Primary School (5730)

School Overview

Marri Grove Primary School is an Independent Public School that nurtures students in a safe and inclusive learning environment. Catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6, our school is a key part of the growing Byford community.

At Marri Grove Primary School, we have high expectations for all children and we are focused on providing your child with every opportunity to succeed and develop the skills to become confident, lifelong learners.

Our teaching staff deliver high quality education programs for all learners, providing children with access to learning programs that are differentiated to suit their individual learning needs. This includes the provision of appropriate intervention strategies for those children requiring additional help, including remediation and extension.

We place a strong emphasis on the key curriculum areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Humanities. All children receive a balanced curriculum based on the West Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework. We use explicit teaching in all areas of the curriculum, and offer opportunities for children to explore and reach their potential in individual ways.

Children in Years 3 to 6 study Indonesian. They also have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through the School of Instrumental Music and all children have the opportunity to participate in the Performing Arts.

As a school community we promote and support the development of the following values:
* RESPECT: We all have the right to a safe and inclusive environment. All members of the school community will be treated respectfully at all times and appropriate standards of behaviour will be expected, modelled and reinforced.
* ENGAGEMENT IN LEARNING: We set our expectations high, provide engaging and motivating lessons, and support the needs of all learners. Every child will do their best in all areas. Our aim is for all children to achieve above the benchmark in national tests.
* BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships are the core of all interactions within this community. Respectful communication is the key to developing effective relationships. The input of all stakeholders is to be sought and valued.
* STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: All members of the school community are perpetual learners, setting and reflecting on goals for academic, physical and social achievements.
* VALUE EDUCATION: We will install a desire for lifelong learning through an appreciation of their importance of teaching and learning, preparing us for the future.

Children have access to computer technology throughout the school and across all year levels. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, desktop computers, notebooks and iPads. All staff are provided with the opportunity to participate in relevant professional learning to ensure their ability to deliver all aspects of the curriculum using the latest technology. Coding and robotics form part of the program from the earliest years of schooling and will ensure that all children have the requisite skills to be 21st century learners.

Our school is well maintained and resourced. Occupying the entire site, children have plenty of space to play and participate in many sporting activities. The classrooms are configured in blocks, all with wet areas, staff preparation facilities, as well as teaching areas. A library, art/science room, performing arts room and an undercover area for assemblies and special events, complete the school. Our Parent and Citizens Association also maintain a Canteen that operates five days a week and a Uniform Store.

Community involvement is crucial to the success of any school and at Marri Grove Primary School we work as a community to build strong connections between all stakeholders. This ensures that there is:
* shared responsibility for students' educational outcomes
* positive relationships built between staff and the school community based on open
* communication active parent involvement in whole school decision-making; and
* an active and inclusive P&C that is accessible to all parents.

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