Willandra Primary School (5729)

School Overview

Our Local Environment

Willandra Primary School commenced operations in 1993 with two purpose built teaching blocks to accommodate approximately 350 students. Since the school first opened, it has experienced rapid growth in its student population. The school ended the 2004 school year with an approximate enrolment of 680 students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 7.

School Focus
The school has a major focus on social development. We believe that all students must feel safe and supported while at school. The school aims to develop in students strong values and bullying prevention. The reputation of Willandra Primary School as a caring school is well known throughout the Armadale area.

A Snapshot of Programs Offered at Willandra

Bullying Prevention
The TED program is an acronym for Treat Everyone Decently. This program forms the basis of our Bullying Prevention Program.

Values Education
All staff promotes a common set of values, which were established in consultation with the local community.

PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies)
The PATHS program, which is implemented in the Pre-primary to Year Two classes, primarily focuses on teaching emotional understanding and issues relating to other people.

Aussie Optimism
The Aussie Optimism program is a program which teaches students skills in decision-making, communication, assertiveness, negotiation and compromise, developing friendships and support networks, and coping with challenging and stressful situations. The Aussie Optimism program is implemented in all Year Six and Year Seven classes.

Physical Education
This program operates across the school with the appointment of a Physical Education Specialist. The focus of this program is on participation, skills development and offers students a range of sports.

A specialist teacher is appointed to offer a music program across the school. The focus of this program in 2003 has been on percussion.

In addition to the general music program, a school choir offers an opportunity for students to meet regularly to sing.

A specialist LOTE teacher is employed to teach the children the French language.