Willandra Primary School (5729)

School Overview

Willandra Primary School's priorities are high standards of student achievement, values and social education. The school ethos encompasses Learning, Pride, Values, and Community and our teachers are committed to the well-being of each and every one of our students striving to create an environment which nurtures the desire to learn.

We are a proud Independent Public School with around 650 students. Our learning community is bound by a strong values system where the social and emotional wellbeing of our students is paramount. Our experienced and committed staff ensure high standards of achievement and student engagement. We are proud of our safe, productive and positive learning environment.

In our last Independent Public School Review, we achieved commendations for our positive school culture, our high level whole school literacy development and intervention programs. We have set targets to promote Willandra Primary School as a school of choice and a place where students feel safe and celebrate success.

A key factor in the success of our school is the collaborative team work by staff. Our staff work in Year Level and Phase of Learning teams to plan, assess and report on student achievement and progress. Shared Leadership is encouraged across the school community to facilitate and build capacity of the teams.

Our recently-developed Pedagogical Framework encompasses Visible Learning including a focus on Early Childhood Development and Resourcing. Our key priorities for 2018 -2021 are maximising teacher impact in classrooms, student engagement and wellbeing, early childhood development and resourcing, and family engagement.

The provision of extracurricular activities enhance our school and provide a safe and engaging environment for our whole school community.

To find out more, visit willandraps.wa.edu.au.