Willandra Primary School (5729)

School Overview

Willandra Primary School is an Independent Public School in Seville Grove that has proudly served the Armadale region since commencing in 1993.

We are a strong learning community that is bound by a strong values system. As a school, all staff prioritise the social and emotional wellbeing of our students and work to implement high standards of achievement and student engagement. We are proud of our safe, productive and positive learning environment.

The school prioritises student achievement, values and social education. Our teachers are committed to the wellbeing of each and every one of our students, and all staff strive to create an environment which nurtures the desire to learn.
The schools' plan for success is driven by PRIDE:
* Positivity: successful and shared leadership practices .
* Relationships: successful relationships are developed and cultivated through respectful communication.
* Improvement: teaching is best practice, and effectively uses data to empower student achievement.
* Diversity: positive learning environments are created to promote diversity and meet the needs of each student as an individual, and the community as a whole.
* Empowerment: students are nurtured through the development of positive wellbeing and high-quality teaching/learning.

Success for all students underpins our vision, planning, school operations and culture at Willandra Primary School. We have developed a collaborative team culture with a focus on a whole school Values system which is the heartbeat of our school. Our priorities include maintaining high standards of student achievement, explicit teaching of values and social education.

Specific focus areas for our school include:
* A strong, positive school culture
* Whole school literacy development and intervention programs
* Shared leadership models
* Learning environments that meet the needs of each individual students

We have set targets to promote Willandra Primary School as a school of choice and a place where students feel safe and celebrate success. Our teachers are led by our Leadership Team to plan, assess and report on student achievement and progress. Shared Leadership is encouraged across the school community to facilitate and build capacity of the teams.

To find out more, visit willandraps.wa.edu.au.