Gidgegannup Primary School (5726)

School Overview

Gidgegannup Primary School was opened in 1992 and is located in the Shire of Swan which is considered to be outer Metropolitan. The school is in a very tranquil setting, being on the outskirts of town and backing onto a rural aspect. The classroom clusters are built on the contours of a hill using this elevation to advantage.

Gidgegannup Primary School is a level 4 primary school with a total enrolment of 204 students. 69 of our students travel to and from school on one of five buses. The school has three teaching blocks each consisting of a 5 classroom cluster, a resource block containing the school library, art room and music room. We currently provided Art, Music, Science, PE and Literacy support. Our LOTE language is Chinese which is delivered online by video link with Beijing.

Our vision is a school in partnership with the wider community, will provide an environment where everyone belongs and every child's academic, social, emotional and physical needs are nurtured.

The Gidgegannup Primary staff is committed to providing a quality education for all students. They work in collaborative teams to ensure that the learning programmed is innovative and student centred. Staff use flexible approaches that motivate, engage, challenge and respond to the needs of all students. Individual expertise are recognised and shared.

Gidgegannup is approximately 22.5 kilometres from Midland and is the most eastern district within the City of Swan. It has a total of 2300 people representing 2.4% of the City of Swan population. Of this number, approximately 250 people reside in the town-site itself.

Gidgegannup is a thriving community with diverse interests, magnificent scenery and a wonderful lifestyle. The town-site provides a focus for potential growth in the north-eastern hills. A church has also been built by the community and there is a fire station supported by volunteer fire brigades. There is a small shopping centre and a newsagency, operating as a post office. Horses, cattle, goats, sheep, deer, emus, alpacas, donkeys, cats and dogs are bred in the surrounding district. A local paper, the Gidgegram, is published each month. The majority of residents are of Anglo-Australian origin and English is the predominant first language spoken at home.

There is no public transport either within Gidgegannup, or between the town and other localities, therefore young people are reliant on local facilities and parental transport.

For more information:
T: 08 9578 4000