Muludja Remote Community School (5723)

School Overview

At the Muludja Remote Community School, our motto is 'Binyidi, Smart and Skudda'. Also known as the 'Muludja Way', the motto builds on our Stronger Smarter philosophy which respects the traditional owners, the Gooniyandi people.

Binyidi means strong/hard in Gooniyandi which represents the strength and identity students get through their local Aboriginal culture.

Smart is for the learning in Standard Australian English that happens at school which serves as a bridge between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal culture.

Skudda means awesome or deadly in Kriol as the students' first language.

Our motto recognises the challenges our 40 Kindergarten to Year 6 students face having to know three languages and cultures. All students are Aboriginal and speak Kriol with English as their second language. Students know some of the local Gooniyandi language and a mixture of words from nearby languages such as Walmajarri.

Located approximately 33km from Fitzroy Crossing our school is seen as the bridge between different cultures in the region.

Our teachers are usually from vastly different cultural backgrounds and enjoy a strong bond with their students and families. We strive to build an authentic and interactive experience for teachers and their students.

Our main priorities are the Aboriginal Literacy Strategy, Explicitly Teaching and the Kimberley Program, which are in line with the Department of Education's priorities for Remote Schools.

ICT and STEM are also priorities with a focus on creative problem solving and coding skills in the early years. We are also developing a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, attendance, student behaviour and community partnerships.

Our school staff are focused on improved academic outcomes for Muludja students. Our programs include the Paul Swan Mathematics Program and the K-2 Valley Network for the Early Years. We also focus on reading, in particular phonics and the guided reading structure. We continue to implement the PLD Dianna Riggs Spelling program running as a whole school approach.

The school implemented Word Grammar Fun and Cracking the Code program from the PEEL Language centre. The staff were also involved in the Leadership for Numeracy Learning and the ALERT program that was run and monitored by the staff of Telethon Kids.

We have also implemented the Aboriginal Cultural Framework focusing on the relationship with students, their parents and the wider community. We seek advice and guidance from our Aboriginal Islander Education Officer staff in the implementation of the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework.

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