Charthouse Primary School (5719)

School Overview

At Charthouse Primary School we are committed to the helping our students achieve excellence. This encompasses our school's focus on academic excellence and the development of the skills needed to become active and resilient citizens. Our school has highly practical and flexible learning and teaching spaces with specialist facilities including a Digital Technologies Centre, art room and music room. Students of all year levels actively participate in our highly successful physical education program, while students from Years 3 to 6 learn Indonesian.

We firmly believe that every child can learn and that every child brings contributes to our school. We are committed to building a sense of belonging and strong partnerships with our school and wider community. Teachers, students and families work in partnership to nurture children and ensure that they are provided with quality learning opportunities in a safe, supportive and inclusive school environment. We also offer a wide range of on-site services including community health nurse, school psychologist and support to access outside agencies including the Child and Parent Centre - East Waikiki.

Our school is resolute in the belief that if we hold our children accountable to the highest of standards, while providing them with scaffolded academic and social support, they will rise to the challenge.

In addition to our parent and community involvement, through the P&C Association, School Board and classroom support, our student leadership team is highly valued within our school. Our student leaders' work with teachers and the executive team to ensure that student voices are heard and their feedback is used to drive school priority areas. They also work with dedicated staff to develop their own leadership abilities, including through representation on the Rockingham Junior Council.

Parents and community members play an active role in ensuring that students achieve the best possible educational outcomes. We foster a positive environment where emphasis is placed upon mutual respect and success for everyone. Adults and children are valued for their unique individual qualities and contributions as we work together to 'Guide our Future'.

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