Wundowie Primary School (5711)

School Overview

Wundowie Primary School is an Independent Public School in the Wheatbelt Region catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The staff at Wundowie Primary School are committed to providing a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment for students. Our vision is 'quality teaching empowering students and improving performance' which is reflected in our learning programs which are developed on an individual, small group, classroom and whole of school basis. There is a strong focus on students ensuring student behaviour, attitudes and actions are considerate of all members of the school community.

Each child is a valued member of our school. We are a KidsMatter school and focus on improving student mental health and wellbeing by building respectful relationships and promoting a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Students have the opportunity to study French through the School of Isolated and Distance Education and the Language Nut online program. An early language learning program using digital technologies is also delivered in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary.

The school has implemented best practice structures across the school for literacy and numeracy education by introducing learning blocks. We have a whole of school approach using evidence-based programs. Instructional methods help the school achieve our vision of quality teaching.

The community of Wundowie Primary School has a common focus on maintaining a safe, harmonious and stimulating working environment in which students have the opportunity to achieve their potential. Our popular 'Good on Ya awards' help students to understand the idea of reward and recognition for their efforts, behaviour and listening skills both in and out of the classroom.

Wundowie Primary School is very attractive and is set in a tree enhanced environment with ample lawn and play areas such as netball courts and several climbing frames. The town oval adjoins the school and is utilised regularly. There is an abundance of classrooms with multimedia teaching facilities and a number of purposed planned areas including a maths and science, and computing and art area.

Wundowie Primary School has a very active P&C Association who raise significant funds to support the educational programs on offer. Parent and community involvement is encouraged through a very effective School Board who we work with to oversee school governance. Parents are seen as partners in the Wundowie school community and there is an underlying belief that by working together, students' outcomes will be enhanced.

We welcome your contact with us if you have any enquiries relating to our school and enrolment with us.

E: Wundowie.PS@education.wa.edu.au
W: wundowieps.wa.edu.au