Greenfields Primary School (5708)

School Overview

Strategic Focus
Greenfields Primary aspires for students to consistently meet national averages in all areas of literacy and numeracy. To achieve this, we've maintained an unrelenting focus on improving the quality of teaching, implementing evidence-based programs and creating a safe and supportive school environment.

Improvement Focus
Greenfields Primary School has clear, whole-school structures in place that focus on explicitly teaching students what they need to learn. As a staff, we believe our collective efforts make a difference and that all students will achieve. To support teaching, we employ a number of experts to coach staff, deliver up-to-date professional learning and provide feedback to staff on improving teaching across the school.

We deliver a consistent approach to literacy and numeracy teaching, through a focus on using programs that work. These include Critical Reading and novel study programs, Sounds Write, Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, Spelling Mastery, STEM linked into classroom novel studies and PR1ME Maths. We also have specialist teachers for Science, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Society and Environment.

Student social and emotional wellbeing is supported by focusing on our Greenfields GRIT program, where students develop a growth mindset, resilience, integrity and tenacity as they pursue their goals. Our positive behaviour program sets out clear expected behaviours and is taught weekly and reinforced daily by all staff.

Greenfields Primary School is recognised as one of the top performing schools within Western Australia over the past five years, with our five-year trend for student performance sitting in the top five schools across the Perth Metropolitan area. When our results are compared against expected achievement we have been in the top twenty schools state-wide over the past four years.