North Woodvale Primary School (5707)

School Overview

With a reputation for quality and excellence in education, our vision at North Woodvale Primary School is to provide a caring and supportive environment in which each child is able to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach their full potential becoming positive contributors to society.

Our staff believe in the value and worth of every member of our school community and aspire to assist them in achieving their very best. We promote a wide range of academic and personal challengers and extra curriculum activities which allows and cater for a healthy balance of learning and play.

Students at North Woodvale participate in well-established specialist programmes which include performing arts, visual arts, science and physical education. These programs are highly regarded and well supported by our school community. Japanese is taught from Pre-primary to Year 6 and our school has hosted a Japanese education assistant over the last two years.

The school's arts program is an outstanding feature of the school. This involves music, drama and visual arts and over the last 10 years there have been many stunning musical performances such as Cinderella, Once Upon A Crime, World Tour and A Little Bit Country - all written by and directed by our specialist staff. Our school choir also continues to be a wonderful feature of the school and regularly performs at school assemblies, community functions, Government Schools Make Music concerts and recreational festivals. The school also has specialist music classes in flute, guitar, clarinet and brass.

The school's physical education program enables children to be involved in a variety of sports for skill development and enjoyment.

One of the many features of our school includes the 'Positive Education - Kids Matter' strategy. Our Grow Your Mind Day is an annual event in which the whole community participates. The school supports and actively promotes mindfulness and positive thinking.

The school has an active Parents & Citizen's Association and support learning programs by providing additional resources for all learning areas. The school's parent centre confirms the role of the parents in the school and as such has become an integral part of the school community.

The School Board have played an integral role in developing the school's Managing Student Behaviour Policy, the school Dress Code, Surveying the School Community and the School's Contributions and Charges Schedule.

At North Woodvale Primary School we are committed to ensuring that children leave our school well prepared for the future.

We welcome you to visit our website or contact us to discover more about our school:
T: 6207 2300