South Padbury Primary School (5700)

School Overview

Pursuing knowledge and friendship is at the heart of everything we do at South Padbury Primary School. Our highly experienced teachers are dedicated to providing dynamic, engaging and enjoyable classes and our students have very positive attitudes to learning and nurturing friendships. We also have a very strong community spirit and parents and carers play an important role. Throughout the year, our P&C organises numerous activities which enrich students' educational and social experiences.

Catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, we currently have 385 children enrolled. Our school is very popular and has grown steadily over the past five years. This can be attributed to the exceptional reputation we have built over this time. We have had significant increases in student academic achievement and parent and community satisfaction.

The success of our students is the result of having a wonderful team of talented teachers and non-teaching staff who work closely together to provide the best educational and support programs for all of our students. They offer a range of learning opportunities with tailored programs to ensure each child gets the best out of their education.

At South Padbury Primary School, we have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. We also offer programs such as science, IT, art and Indonesian which are delivered by teachers with specialist knowledge. Our music program is very popular boasting an enthusiastic choir and instrumental music, as well as singing at all assemblies and major functions. Our physical education program provides students with the opportunity to be physically active and participate in team sports such as soccer, football, netball and soft crosse at school and in the community.

The school has excellent facilities which ensure our students get the most out of their lessons and recreation time. All classrooms are air-conditioned and fitted with interactive whiteboards and sets of iPads. The students' play areas are extensive and well maintained. All playground areas are fully shaded with brand new shade sails.

At our school, we believe in open communication between staff, parents and our community. We have a new website that is constantly updated and we publish regular online newsletters to keep parents and community members informed. We also use a mobile phone app that enables us to provide parents with regular and timely updates.

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