South Padbury Primary School (5700)

School Overview

South Padbury Primary was established in 1989 and is a school that boasts a 'country feel in a city location'. As a community focused school in pursuit of knowledge and friendship, South Padbury offers students supportive learning programs, spaces and opportunities to grow and thrive. With a moral purpose centred around collaboration and inclusion, staff at South Padbury Primary School are committed to ongoing improvement in both academic and non-academic student endeavours.

Our school has a strong emphasis on extension and enrichment, both within the classroom and through additional programs. The school also creates engaging opportunities for students through music ensembles, choir, bush conservation and bird watching, student leadership, womens AFL and special interest clubs. These elements of the school's learning program currently have the greatest impact on students, and moving forward will be part of a more formalised approach to student engagement.

We are committed to making a difference for every student in every classroom every day, by addressing the school's achievement challenges through focused targets and supportive improvement planning, that will form the foundations for every student beginning their own pathway to a successful future.