Ocean Reef Primary School (5695)

School Overview

Ocean Reef Primary School is a small independent public school which provides opportunities for team work, direction, and a sense of adventure. Children from Kindergarten to Year 6 learn and grow in a safe, caring learning environment. We provide an educational experience that enables each child to reach their full potential in a continuously changing world.

We believe in creating an environment where every child has an opportunity to reach their full potential. We pride ourselves on our capacity to cater for children's individual differences through an inclusive, collaborative approach to education. Our focus on continuous improvement and explicit teaching aims to elevate each child's standard of performance.

Our staff are committed, professional and passionate about educating children. They adopt innovative teaching and learning practices, and set high expectations for all members of our school community.

We deliver an outstanding educational experience, with programs that adopt a dynamic approach to learning. This allows us to enhance programs and maintain relevance, as well as meeting the divergent needs of the multicultural, multilingual and digital community.

Our values have been a key contributor to the positive learning environment in our school. Our'Seven Cs' include - Cooperation, Consideration, Courtesy, Common Sense, Care, Commitment and Courage.

Sensible, Thoughtful, Achieving and Respectful (or STAR) are the behavioural characteristics that all members of our school aspire to. These core values form the foundation of our overall school goal of: Every student to be a successful student, every teacher to be an effective/expert teacher/leader, and our school to be a great school that the community is proud of.

Please feel free to visit our school website or contact us for more information:

W: oceanreefps.wa.edu.au
T: 08 6206 7900
E: OceanReef.PS@education.wa.edu.au