Bibra Lake Primary School (5686)

School Overview

At Bibra Lake Primary School we provide your child with a learning environment that caters for your child's needs and support their academic, physical, social and creative skills. As such, staff are committed to providing excellent standards of teaching and learning in all programs. We select tools and resources that are reflective of best practice and provide your child with a range of opportunities to become a successful learner.

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe learning environment. Appropriate behaviour is a top priority and there is consistent behaviour management across the campus. We believe that staff have the right to teach, students have the right to learn, and classroom and playground rules exist to ensure your child feels safe.

We are an Independent Public School and our sense of tradition is embedded in a strong community culture and our values are clearly articulated by all members of the Bibra Lake community, including students, staff and parents.

We believe in the development of the whole child, both academically, socially and emotionally and provide many extra curricula activities to engage your child including choir, school sporting teams, Breakfast Club and excursions. When your child leaves our school we want them to take responsibility for their learning and have the skills to adapt to a changing world.

We know that if children are motivated, persevere with difficult tasks and focus their attention, they are more likely to succeed in whatever they do. Our partnership with you, as parents, is important and reinforces these learning qualities.

We all join in wishing you a meaningful and successful experience as a valued member of our school community.