Bibra Lake Primary School (5686)

School Overview

Our purpose is to ensure that all students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their individual potential and contribute to society.

Our vision for Bibra Lake School is that individual student needs are met through teaching and learning programs, which reflect current 'Best Practice'. The staff demonstrate and incorporate the Values from the Curriculum Framework into their teaching programs. Students are supported and encouraged to aspire to develop their sense of these values.

The school seeks to provide an educational program that caters for a broad spectrum of abilities, needs and interests of students and to have clear links with parents and the local community. An example of the partnerships between the school and and the community is the replacement of aging play equipment which is well used by the community outside school hours as well as during the school day. The P&C fundraised over $15,000 for the project with the school funding the remainder. Students are active members of the community, providing entertainment by the choir, band and dance group to our local retirement village and local community centre.

Bibra Lake has very attractive school grounds with large open spaces for children to play safely. The location next to the Bibra Lake conservation area enhances the curriculum. Teachers, parents and their children have a great deal of pride in their school and many ex-students return to renew their links with the school.

Music Program
The extra curricula music program has a high level of participation by the students. A Senior Choir and Dance Group have performed for several years at Burswood with distinction and have performed in many other external venues. The school participates in the School of Instrumental Music Program, with students from Year 6 and 7. The students from this group form the School Band which performs regularly, with many students carrying on their music at high school.

Science Program
Bibra Lake Primary School has been selected as one of the four Australian schools to trial a national science and literacy program called 'Primary Connections'. The purpose of the project is to improve students' learning outcomes in science and literacy. The project will provide a comprehensive approach to the development of scientific literacy and will support the development of 'multi-literacies' which are essential for learning science. Well developed literacy skills and understandings are essential for the effective teaching and learning of concept development and the learning of higher thinking and problem solving skills.

Learning Technologies
A modern well resourced and automated library resource centre is a focal point of the school. A technology centre enables teachers to teach whole classes computing skills as part of their curriculum. All classes are networked so that this work can continue in the classrooms.