Poseidon Primary School (5684)

School Overview

Step through the front door of Poseidon Primary and you can feel the sense of belonging, the sense of family. Described as 'a city school with a country feel', Poseidon Primary is an innovative school with a harmonious, caring environment built on strong relationships. Our size means we offer a diverse range of programs but can also really get to know our students and our families.

Our vision 'Creating Opportunities Together' and our purpose statement 'To provide a learning environment that facilitates the academic, social and personal growth of all children in the school' reflect the holistic view the school community embraces towards education.

We have an agreed set of values, a school vision and a school-wide teaching methodology. The combination of these three components provide the school community with both the direction and structure necessary to provide our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be successful in our twenty first century society.

Our teachers know and understand their students, both individually and as a class. They work hard to build respectful, trusting relationships with our families, making our parents partners in their child's education. Our proud parent body is friendly and welcoming, with dedicated volunteers organising events, fundraisers, busy bees and out of school activities, bringing the school community together. Our fantastic students themselves make our school great, taking care of each other, encouraging, listening and helping. We are all proud to be a part of The Poseidon Family.

Discover more at www.poseidon.wa.edu.au, or join us on Facebook at PoseidonPrimarySchoolHeathridge.