West Leeming Primary School (5682)

School Overview

West Leeming Primary School is located in the suburb of Leeming, situated south of Perth city. Our school educates approximately 500 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.
West Leeming Primary School is proud of its culture of providing a range of opportunities for our students to experience success. The school has highly motivated students, dedicated staff and a supportive school community. Our clear vision and shared leadership structures engages all stakeholders in the education process.

Our school vision empower and embrace a culture of opportunities for success ensures that students remain at the forefront of all decisions. At West Leeming we promote an education environment that is engaging, supportive and innovative whereby different learning styles are recognised to ensure an exceptional educational experience for all students who attend our school.

Alongside academic excellence, our dedicated teachers and allied professionals understand that children need to learn in an environment that supports positive mental health. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach to student wellbeing and the development of the social, emotional, psychological and physical needs of every child.

West Leeming Primary School values and encourages strong partnerships with the parents and carers of our students and the community to which they belong. Families at our school are actively engaged in their child's educational journey, as we work together, to provide a school experience that is academically, socially and emotionally rewarding for all students.

To learn more about West Leeming Primary School, please visit www.westleeming.wa.edu.au.