East Waikiki Primary School (5681)

School Overview

Welcome to East Waikiki Primary School, a public school that caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our dedicated and professional staff maintain a vibrant learning environment which supports each child, each day to achieve success. Our teachers employ evidence-based strategies and take shared responsibility to maximise the effect they have on student learning. We constantly aim to deliver innovative and diverse opportunities across the school to enable our students to thrive. Our staff work diligently to achieve our vision of setting high expectations and high quality learning programs that are motivating and engage our students within a happy and safe environment.

Our community is committed to building a safe, inclusive school, where all students, staff and parents are equally valued and respected, and have a shared understanding of the pursuit of excellence. East Waikiki Primary School celebrates a rich cultural diversity and engages all members of our community to work together, maintaining a trusting, nurturing and welcoming environment. Our parents, School Council and P&C are integral to our school community, and together we are passionate about providing the best for our students. Our school continues to develop strong links with the wider community, including partnerships with The Smith Family and the East Waikiki Child and Parent Centre, bringing together health and education services to support our families.

We have a strong focus on teaching our students to become informed, active and enthusiastic learners of the 21st Century. We pride ourselves on providing engaging and challenging learning opportunities for our students to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to reach their individual potential. In early childhood, we capture our students natural love of learning, through nature and play-based activities, while they develop literacy and numeracy skills essential for future learning. We engage our students through rewarding and reinforcing regular attendance, our positive behaviour support program and by our attention to overall student wellbeing. Our students follow our Four Rights and they understand expected behaviours. They are cared for, listened to and their ideas taken into consideration.