East Waikiki Primary School (5681)

School Overview

East Waikiki PS is located in the suburb of Cooloongup in the seaside City of Rockingham, approximately 45km south of Perth. The school zone is encompassed within Ennis Ave, Grange Dve, Goongarrie Dve, Read St and Gnangara Dve.

East Waikiki was established in 1987, commencing operations with an enrolment of 36 part-time pre-primary students and 149 primary students, a total of 185. By 1997 the school had experienced remarkable growth and peaked at 999 students. Since then enrolments have slowly declined.

The school's facilities include three teaching blocks including special purpose withdrawal areas two separate, well equipped and specially designed specialist Visual Arts and Performing Arts rooms, a Library/Resource Centre and two purpose built Kindergarten classrooms. An Administration Centre, undercover assembly area housing the school canteen which operates every day of the week and expansive ovals, playground, court and grassed areas round off an aesthetically appealing and very functional learning environment.

East Waikiki offers outstanding specialist programmes which complement the students' comprehensive classroom learning programmes. Every primary student engages in specialist Physical Education, Indonesian, Music or Performing Arts. Students' performances and artefacts in each of these areas have been successfully and spectacularly put on show in interschool sporting competitions, state drama competitions, school choir festivals and art exhibitions.

Complementing students' classroom programmes are support programs in Mathematics and Language.
The Western Australian Government has committed $48.7 million to establish 16 purpose-built Child and Parent Centres on selected public school sites throughout the State and East Waikiki Primary School has been selected to host one of these new centres. The school welcomes the opportunity of working closely with the Child and Parent Centre in supporting families and their children from our immediate community as well as through our nearby schools and their communities.

Families with young children (birth to 8 years) will have easier access to coordinated early learning, maternal, health, developmental and parenting support services and programs for their young children during these busy and important formative years. More detailed information about the Child and Parent Centre East Waikiki can be accessed through the Department of Education website at www.education.wa.edu.au

The school is well resourced and via classroom and computer laboratory facilities offers students extensive opportunities to integrate technology into their learning. The school employs a Technician one day per fortnight to support and maintain its growing and integrated technologies.

The school has a proud tradition of providing an inclusive educational program for all students.

At East Waikiki we place great emphasis on the development of the values described in the WA Curriculum. We are held in the highest regard for our strong commitment to the social, emotional and academic needs of our students and we work in close partnership with our students' carers to ensure that we achieve our vision of providing a high quality learning community in a happy and safe learning environment.