Beldon Primary School (5674)

School Overview

Since opening in 1985, Beldon Primary School has continued to provide a high-quality education for all students. Beldon Primary School is located approximately 27km from the Perth CBD and is located in the City of Joondalup. We host Beldon Education Support Centre and a Dental Therapy centre on our site. Beldon Primary School is committed to our Moral Purpose of connecting with our community to support students to become strong, thoughtful independent individuals who accept, adapt, aspire and achieve. Our staff provide a learning environment that supports our students social, emotional and academic growth, with oversight from our School Board, and are ably supported by our dedicated P&C. In 2020 BPS began a three-year journey with the Fogarty Program. We have identified Student Wellbeing, School Culture and Teaching and Learning as the pillars of our planning and we will work together to aspire towards excellence in each of these areas. Our staff and community connect to support students to become strong, thoughtful and independent individuals who accept, adapt aspire and achieve. We aim to be a school of which to be proud; that parents select for their children knowing they will be happily developing and learning to embrace change, and their future. We are dedicated to providing quality teaching and learning to enable students to happily and confidently move from where they are to where they have the potential to be recognise that student learning is best developed in an environment of cooperation and teamwork. We actively encourage community involvement and parent participation into the fabric of school life. We strive to foster a sense of pride and an environment in which children are supported to do their best and achieve success.