Beldon Primary School (5674)

School Overview

Imagine a school your child loves.

Enter our school and see our two outstanding natured-based creative play areas where children are encouraged to expand their mind through imaginative play.

Continue on and you will see our impressive Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden where our children discover how fruit and vegetables are grown, harvested, cooked and best of all, eaten! We even have chooks to nurture and care for who, in return, give us mountains of eggs.

See the artwork proudly displayed around the school? Be amazed that this incredible artwork was done by our students in our Art Extension Program, overseen by our talented Visual Arts specialist teacher.

Within the classroom our core learning is devoted to literacy and numeracy, an integral part of every single day at school. In fact, our school provides many specialist programs to promote literacy and comprehension, such as Pre-lit, Mini-lit, Multi-lit and Multi-lit Extension classes as well as opportunities to attend Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) courses.

We believe in providing a well-rounded education for each child by delivering specialist classes in Physical Education, Music and Guitar, History, Geography, Indonesian and ICT, with older students being offered a beginner Robotics opportunity. Our children thrive in our innovative learning environment, with such advantages as an outdoor reading area and extensive mentoring programs.

You can see the care and dedication our longstanding staff have for the school, from providing the safe environment for a child to learn, the commitment to providing the best education for each child as well as their enthusiasm when encouraging a child to give their best.

Have your child say with pride, 'I am a Beldon Primary School student.'

To see our amazing school for yourself, come join us for a personal tour by phoning the school on 9401 1144 or come along to our pre-Kindy playgroup sessions.

Let your child's imagination soar.

T: 9401 1144