Spearwood Alternative School (5673)

School Overview

Spearwood Alternative School (SAS) has a student population of just under 100 students kindergarten to year 6. Rather than a geographical boundary families are attracted, based on their resonance with the ethos of the school - Education Through Community: Community Through Education.

The grounds of SAS are extensive including 'wild' areas for kids' play and productive, edible gardens - living classrooms. A comprehensive curriculum has been constructed with a focus on Education for Sustainability and issues of social activism. Learner centred learning facilitated by passionate, talented teachers working democratically with citizens of the school community ensures a vibrant, exciting learning program with children's wonder and curiosity extended through scaffolded learning, thinking frameworks and considered pedagogical approaches. Focus on Arts and Science support development of literacy and numeracy in rigorous pursuit of outcomes to support each student realizing their potential. Collective pastoral care, employing Restorative Practices, supports students' emotional health and wellbeing and positive social interaction to create a supportive, optimal learning environment.