Creaney Primary School (5667)

School Overview

Creaney Primary School became an Independent Public School in 2012.

'Caring' is our school motto and this forms the foundation for creating a school culture that is driven by Community, Achievement, Respect and Excellence.

Our priority is to provide a balanced curriculum that caters for a student's academic, physical, and social and emotional needs. This means developing the required knowledge, skills and values through targeted literacy and numeracy programs, as well as through technology, science, social science, specialist and pastoral care programs. We aim to provide the necessary building blocks for our students to reach their potential, to become good citizens and to make a valuable contribution to society.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of teaching, leadership and school support staff who work towards achieving the school values, vision and performance targets. Together, we're all committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment and we set high expectations for the social, creative and academic development of all students.

At Creaney Primary School, our students learn life skills such as acceptance, tolerance and empathy first hand, as we share our school campus with Creaney Education Support Centre. Students attending the Education Support Centre are integrated into the primary school program and this partnership allows us to learn from each other through coordinated integration and cross-integration programs.

We believe in building a caring and supportive school community that takes ownership and responsibility for enhancing the school environment and for meeting the current and future needs of our students and teachers.

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