Glencoe Primary School (5655)

School Overview

Established in 1981, Glencoe Primary School is located in the coastal suburb of Halls Head in close proximity to the City of Mandurah and is 75 kilometres south of Perth situated between the Indian Ocean and the Peel Inlet. Our current enrolment for the 2018 school year is over 410 students.

While the vast majority of students have Australian backgrounds, we have numbers of students from seventeen other countries, including England, New Zealand and Iran enrolled at Glencoe. Indigenous students represent nearly 5% of the student population. There has been a shift in the school's demographic, with the school's Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) value at 985. (Australian Average 1000).

Students at Educational Risk account for 19% of the school's population. Students (K-6) identified at risk all have documented plans including individual education plans, group education plans, individual behaviour plans, risk management plans and action plans.

Families represent diverse social and economic backgrounds. Significantly approximately 25% of our students are impacted by a parent/s engaged in fly in - fly out (FIFO) employment. The school has a transiency rate of close to 25% with students enrolling and exiting the school throughout the year.

Glencoe Primary Staff are committed to improving educational outcomes for all students and deliver a high quality educational program to children from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The school specialist programs include Japanese, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Further special programs including Dancesport, Horseback Riding and Rainbows which add value to the curriculum. A current pastoral care program is provided to our students. This incorporates an emphasis on social learning and values.

Glencoe Primary School has a welcoming and positive learning environment and is characterised by a strong sense of community. This is underpinned by the school's motto Truth and Friendship.

Our Vision

To develop and prepare students to embrace the challenges of the future.

Our Purpose

All students have the right to a high quality education that recognises their social, cultural, emotional, creative, physical and academic needs. In our pursuit of developing the whole child we are committed to delivering a curriculum which offers a variety of learning opportunities. We strive to attain excellent learning outcomes for all students enabling them to be successful and become positive contributors in a changing society.

Our Beliefs about Teaching and Learning

At Glencoe Primary School we believe:
* Effective teaching and learning is purposeful, relevant, engaging, challenging, enjoyable and differentiated.
* Learning is a lifelong process with optimal teaching and learning best provided in a safe and inclusive learning environment, in which students and staff are valued and supported.
* High quality teaching includes contemporary, evidence based and developmentally appropriate practices which cater to individual learning needs.
* Acknowledging, encouraging and rewarding individual student success supports the development of self-esteem, resilience, motivation to learn and the desire to strive for continuous improvement.
* Optimal teaching and learning occurs when teachers are committed to student learning, reflective, have high expectations, work collaboratively utilising available expertise and share a common understanding across the school and with other schools.
* Working in partnership with parents and the wider community is critical and nurtures a positive relationship between school and home, which is supported by a commitment to mutual respect and shared responsibility.
* The health and wellbeing of students and staff is paramount.

Our Values

At Glencoe Primary School our four Core Values align with the School's Behaviour Expectations.

Be Respectful
To be respectful includes respect for self, others, property and the environment. It involves treating others with acceptance, consideration, dignity and compassion.

Be Responsible
To be responsible means accepting responsibility and being accountable for your choices, actions and the subsequent consequences of your decisions.

Be Safe and Caring
To be safe and caring is recognising that our actions need to be thoughtful, with consideration given to the degree of risk and impact on the safety of others. When working together we are mindful of treating others with care, both physically and emotionally.

Be Your Best
To be your best is described as setting high standards and expectations for ourselves and striving to excel. We need to continually challenge ourselves and strive for improvement to sustain ongoing success and personal growth.

The four core values guide our School Community and are inherent in our school culture. They are also harmonious with the Department of Education values of Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care. Our four core values apply to staff, students, parents and the community.

Glencoe Primary has 4 Focus Areas for our Business Plan 2015 - 2017 these include:

Focus Area 1 - High Quality Teaching and Learning
Strategic Direction:
To continue to build capacity, sustain and up skill teachers (in contemporary and evidence based pedagogical practices) to address the diverse and changing needs of our students to achieve improved outcomes.

To embed the Australian Curriculum / Western Australian Curriculum in planning, teaching and assessment.

Focus Area 2 - Student Engagement and Well Being
Strategic Direction:
To provide a safe, caring and inclusive environment by providing pastoral care which supports students to become more resilient, participate in learning and achieve social and emotional personal growth.

To improve attendance rates and punctuality to enhance student engagement and support raising academic results.

Focus Area 3 - Parent and Community Partnerships
Strategic Direction:
To develop and maintain meaningful partnerships (formally and informally) with parents and the wider community, through effective promotion, support and communication.

Focus Area 4 - Information and Communication Technology
Strategic Direction:
To develop and maintain a technological operating environment that will enable students and staff to acquire the necessary digital skills to competently apply in all curriculum areas and year levels, as applicable.

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