Quinns Rocks Primary School (5637)

School Overview

Sedately nestled within native scrublands, Quinns Rocks Primary School is a school with a well founded sense of community and family. The school was built in 1980 and features traditional school buildings that are the oldest construction in a suburb rapidly growing to the north. The enrolment intake area comprises the long established 'Old Quinns' development which provides a diverse population range and is characterised by a relatively low transient rate. We have the optimal enrolment of just under 400 children but our catchment is diminishing it its capacity. The majority of our children come from out of our catchment.

Staff are welcoming, personable professionals, who in the large majority of cases, are experienced and long serving in this local school community.

Quinns Rocks Primary School is committed to providing a holistic, inclusive and relevant education for each child that will provide a strong foundation for future learning in a rapidly changing and diverse society. School programs are underpinned by a set of values complementary to the school and local community. Focus on developmental learning in the key learning areas of Literacy and Numeracy is strengthened by a collaborative approach by staff across all phases of learning. Whole of school programs contribute to the successes in student achievement. An integrated Visual arts program with specialist teacher in a purpose built facility provides that creative opportunity. The language of choice commencing with Year three in 2018, is French. A specialist Science program incorporating Primary Investigations covers National curriculum requirements. The Music program provides opportunities for instrument tuition through the School of Instrumental Music and participation in choral activities and musical productions. A spirited physical education program complements the community based sporting groups and encourages participation through a range of intra-school and inter-school activities. Dance is offered to Junior children and this program is warmly received as is our specialist Dance Teacher.Sustainability is evident in the school( Living Laboratory) with an established nursery, class vegetable gardens, chickens and the weekly cooking program incorporating the harvested products.

Every Tuesday morning, we conduct a Family Links program for new parents with their pre-pre school children. A recently completed new Early Childhood teaching block has eliminated all temporary student accommodation.

Our pastoral care program is highlighted by well established processes in student management with a consistency in both understanding and application. Building resilience is the focus that will build a more caring child, a more influential parent and more effective staff. Students are offered a variety of leadership opportunities through the student council, faction leaders, peer mediation program and in technical support.Senior children attend a leadership seminar along with their peers from across the metro area each year. Our year six cohort participate in an excursion to Sydney and Canberra in September.
each year.

The school/community partnership has been well established over the thirty plus years of history and continues to provide a strong connectivity and ownership. An emerging School Board has been instrumental in compiling the last two Business Plans for the school.

The school hosts a Before and After School Care program on site.

Stability, continuity, consistency and experience are the effective characteristics in our school motto - 'Working and Sharing Together.'