Bramfield Park Primary School (5624)

School Overview

Bramfield Park Primary School fosters a compassionate and supportive learning environment, embodying the core values of Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. The motto 'Strive to Achieve' is embedded in our daily interactions, as our dedicated staff, students, and parents collaborate to ensure the success of every student through exemplary teaching, effective leadership, and robust governance.
In 2022, our school community engaged in a comprehensive review of our vision. Following consultations with staff, students, and the School Board, the newly articulated vision for Bramfield Park PS is: 'Bright minds, big hearts, solid futures.'
Our community envisions a school that:
* Cultivates a strong, engaged community.
* Delivers effective teaching preparing students as lifelong learners in creative and innovative environments.
* Addresses individual needs, fostering uniqueness in every student.
* Provides equal opportunities for students from diverse cultures, ensuring a sense of acceptance.
* Upholds high expectations for student achievement behaviour and citizenship.
* Offers a secure and caring environment where all students feel valued, cared for, and heard.
Situated in Maddington, Bramfield Park Primary School caters to students from Kindergarten to Year 6, emphasising wellbeing through social and emotional curriculum, student services, and local support agencies. Academic excellence is pursued through the Western Australian Curriculum Outline K-10, intervention programs, and personalised learning plans.
Our staff actively contributes to shaping school values and strategic decisions, forming a committed, dedicated team that supports the unique needs of each student. Specialized areas include Early Childhood, Design Technologies/STEM Workshop, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Languages (French), and Physical Education. Technology is integrated into every classroom, offering students the opportunity to develop 21st-century learning skills.
Our current Business Plan incorporates 3 priority areas: Achievement, Engagement and Wellbeing with accompanying overarching statements and supporting conditions.
For further details about Bramfield Park Primary School and the enriching experience it provides for your family and children, please visit our website at
We look forward to welcoming you to our school.