Bramfield Park Primary School (5624)

School Overview

Bramfield Park Primary School is a caring and nurturing learning environment where the core values of Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe are evident in all of our interactions. Strive to Achieve is also part of the everyday language at Bramfield Park PS where staff, students and parents work together to ensure success for all students through high quality teaching, effective leadership and strong governance and support.

Throughout 2020 our school community undertook a review of our school vision. After consultation with staff, students, our Parents & Citizens Association and our School Board, the new vision for Bramfield Park PS is: Thinkers, Learners, Doers: Mindful of the PATh we create. This vision is derived from our work in the STEM Enterprise Learning Project where we want students to be thinkers, learners and doers. Mindful of the PATh we create builds on our schools Mindfulness approach and PAThS curriculum (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) where we help students develop social and emotional skills.

Our Bramfield Park Primary School community believes in a school that:
* Cares about building a strong, engaged community.
* Provides effective teaching that prepares students to be lifelong learners, able to achieve their full potential through creative and innovative learning environments.
* Caters for the individual needs of all students and fosters individuality.
* Offers equal opportunities to students from rich and diverse cultures to ensure they feel accepted.
* Considers high expectations for student achievement, behaviour and citizenship as paramount.
* Provides a safe and caring environment where all students can feel important, cared for and have their voices heard.

Bramfield Park Primary School is located in Maddington and caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. There is a strong focus on wellbeing at Bramfield Park with access to social and emotional curriculum, student services and local support agencies. Academic achievement is encouraged through the implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum Outline K-10, intervention programs and individualised learning plans.

Staff members contribute to the development of school values and strategic planning decisions, and are part of a committed, dedicated, cohesive team that supports the individual needs of every student. Bramfield Park Primary School has specialist Early Childhood areas, Design Technologies / STEM Workshop, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Languages: French and Physical Education specialist programs, with Curriculum Leaders in all learning areas. Students have access to technology in every classroom and have the opportunity to develop 21st century learning skills.

For more information about Bramfield Park Primary School and what it can offer your family and your children, please refer to our website

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.