Flinders Park Primary School (5607)

School Overview

Flinders Park Primary School is located in the City of Albany, 400 kilometres south of Perth. The school opened in 1978 and caters for kindergarten to year 6. Currently there are 409 students enrolled; with 5% of the population Aboriginal. The school's local intake area is extensive; covering approximately 150 KM². The nearby Lower King Community Kindergarten falls under the school's umbrella and caters for up to 20 kindergarten students.

We have a diverse range of families in terms of socio/economic status. In recent years a broader range of nationalities and cultures have been welcomed into our school. Our school has a permanent, experienced staff who work hard at providing quality teaching and learning programs inclusive of all students. Whole school literacy and numeracy plans are supporting the strong student performance in these areas and shaping the teaching and learning programs across the school. Our school's identity is shaped by dynamic specialist programs consisting of visual arts, music, physical education and science. An outstanding choir program, instrumental music and sustainable environmental education further enrich learning opportunities for students. The school has high expectations for student behaviour and developing harmonious relationships and values implicit in the 'Flinders Student' ethos.

The school presents as a vibrant learning place, set amongst well-presented grounds and maintained buildings. The school community is active and valued within the school. School Board and Parents and Citizen Association play supportive roles within the school. Parent and community volunteers can be seen daily supporting staff and students across the school in a wide range of activities.