Woodlupine Primary School (5602)

School Overview

Woodlupine Primary School is committed to ensuring our students become effective 21st Century citizens. We strive to provide a unique, stimulating and outwardly focused education to enable our students to succeed in a world where there is growing openness and connectivity, greater cultural interaction than ever before, ongoing change in technology and significant pressure on the natural environment.

Our highest priority remains ensuring students learn the essential literacy and numeracy skills for success, while our STEM and Humanities programs ensure students develop critical and creative thinking and conceptual understandings to interact successfully in this increasingly connected world. Our dedicated teachers offer differentiated curriculum within the classroom while the school offers both remediation and extension programs to support students reach their potential.

Woodlupine Primary School is located in Forrestfield and caters for students in Kindergarten to Year 6. Woodlupine Primary School derives its name from Woodlupine Creek which was named by colonial British settlers in recognition of the heavily treed woods and an abundance of lupin flowers.