Brookman Primary School (5586)

School Overview

Brookman Primary School is a leader in contemporary education with a proud reputation for achieving excellence. We are delighted to have been recognised as the 2018 Primary School of the Year at the WA Education Awards, and as a three-time winner of the Excellence in Leadership Awards at the Governor's School STEM Awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020 as well as being inducted into the Governor's STEM Hall of Fame Alumni. These awards show the dedication, hard work and skill of our staff, and challenges us to further improve learning and engagement at our school. Our staff are committed to success for all children and our school is a leader in innovation and education.

As a lead school across the state in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) we believe that high performing schools celebrate discovery and innovation. Our teachers deliver a rich education experience where every child develops 21st Century skills in creativity, independent thinking, initiative, critical analysis, problem solving, teamwork and communication - the skills needed for the most in-demand jobs of the future. As a Teacher Development School in STEAM, we provide high quality, insightful professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators from across Western Australia.

We are known for our approach to developing the Literacy, Numeracy and Science skills of all children, and our project-based STEAM learning provides fresh challenges for children to engage in learning programs which are fun, interactive and interesting. Our Intentional Play Based Learning in Early Childhood guides children through planned activities that maximise opportunities to reach their potential and succeed in school. We offer valuable extension opportunities and challenges through our environmental studies program at Lynwood Senior High School, PEAC programs, chess club, genius hour, maths extension and choir.

Our behaviour programs focus on building a sense of respect, responsibility, positive work ethic and an appreciation of diversity.