One Arm Point Remote Community School (5583)

School Overview

One Arm Point Remote Community School (OAPRCS) is in Ardyaloon (One Arm Point), an Aboriginal community on the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

OAPRCS is respectful of self, others and culture, and is committed to developing students who are literate, numerate and resilient lifelong learners. The school aims to help all students reach their full potential, with each one having the tools to make informed, considered decisions and also the skills and knowledge to find meaningful employment beyond their school years.

The local Bardi Jawi culture is embedded into the school curriculum in many ways including Bardi language lessons, a fortnightly cultural program, a school and community cultural camp and engagement with local service providers, such as the Bardi Jawi Rangers.

The school has a dynamic staff from various backgrounds, including a number of local Aboriginal staff who provide integral knowledge and expertise regarding students and the school's unique context.

Strong relationships with the local community and local service providers forms the base of a collaborative and targeted approach aimed at improving outcomes across the board and ensuring the children of Ardyaloon are given every opportunity to succeed.

In the latter part of 2020, the last 90km of unsealed road on 218km journey from Broome to Ardyaloon was sealed meaning access to the school and the community is now much easier, especially during the wet season, when previously the community would often be closed for days and sometimes weeks at a time due to the condition of the unsealed road.

OAPRCS Priorities:

Early childhood - to provide the community with a regular 0 to 3 years of age program and extended kindergarten times to 20 hours per week to help ensure the transition into regular school is structured and scaffolded.

English - to improve English skills and understandings for all students following our school literacy structures. OAPRCS has a focus on developing phonemic awareness skills at an early age and explicitly teaching all components of English.

Mathematics - to improve the numeracy skills of all students, with a particular focus in number and to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences catering to individual learning needs.

Attendance - to increase attendance rates across all years, but with a particular focus on kindergarten and secondary school.

Secondary pathways - to offer secondary students relevant training and experience in career pathways available to them on-Country. VET studies are based around Aquaculture and also include conservation and land management, small engine mechanics, tourism and hospitality.

Community Partnerships - to continue to work collaboratively with the school council, Ardyaloon council, the local community and service providers in an effort to maximise wellbeing, attendance, social and academic outcomes for all students.

Culture - to continue to implement a consistent and meaningful cultural program and Bardi language program, with regular community input.

OAPRCS has recently established a new library, a new administration building, a new STEAM room, a restructured explicit English block, a whole class music program, a whole class art program and a school choir. School staff also facilitate a morning breakfast program and weekly after school activities including STEM Club, Karate Club, Cricket Club, Lego Club and Homework Club.
The school is currently working on developing a Bardi Culture room and in 2021, will host a West Kimberley Aboriginal Educators Network Conference which will give the local and Aboriginal staff at the school the opportunity to showcase the wonderful work they do at the school to their Aboriginal colleagues across the Dampier Peninsula and West Kimberley.

OAPRCS is a wonderful school in an amazing community situated in a remarkable part of Western Australia with a staff that is passionate, hardworking and committed to helping Ardyaloon students become strong, proud and resilient members of society and positive leaders of the future.

For more information please contact the school on (08) 9171 9400 or visit our Facebook page at One Arm Point Remote Community School.