Baler Primary School (5580)

School Overview

At Baler Primary School we value, celebrate and learn from our multicultural diversity by fostering positive relationships through engaging students, parents, staff and the wider community. We are an independent public school catering for children in Kindergarten to Year 6. Our school community is diverse, with representation from over thirty-four different cultures. Our school motto, 'a sea of cultures', captures and celebrates our inclusive and culturally respectful approaches to our teaching and learning practices and community interactions. Our school is located in the Pilbara, and is the largest of the four primary schools in the Hedland area.

We offer programs in visual arts, physical education, science, music and Indonesian. We also have a highly valued academic enrichment program for children needing a bit more of a challenge. We enjoy a high profile in the community, with dedicated, supportive and enthusiastic staff. Our committed teachers provide education across a range of programs, catering to individual differences through an inclusive and differentiated approach. Our programs are catered to children from a variety of backgrounds and learning needs, including those with special needs or at educational risk.

In partnership with our community we strive to develop lifelong, independent learners who have respect for themselves and others. Literacy, numeracy and science, together with a strong pastoral care program, are the foundations for achieving the potential of every child. The positive culture and welcoming nature is palpable within our school, making it a school of choice in the area. We are driven by our passion for wellbeing and a successful education for all by promoting an inclusive friendly environment, and a sense of belonging.

We implement an individualised whole-school framework based on improving student academic and behaviour outcomes and ensuring that all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional and behavioural practices and interventions possible. Our approach is evidence-based behaviour interventions and practices that are implemented by staff to effectively address and support the social, educational and behavioural needs of students and their families.

We have an agreed set of values, a school vision and a school-wide teaching methodology. The combination of these three components provide the school community with both direction and structure necessary to provide our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to become lifelong learners and thrive in an ever changing world.

We provide a safe, creative and challenging learning environment within a multicultural setting. We are driven by our passion for wellbeing and a successful education for all.

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