Cascade Primary School (5572)

School Overview


Cascade Primary School is located 100 kilometres North West of Esperance set amongst beautiful Gum and Mallee bushland. The climate throughout the year is mild to moderate and generally comfortable.

No fuel or shopping facilities are available within the Cascade town site, however, a community operated Recreation Centre with updated kitchen and recreation facilities provides for various social and sporting opportunities. The closest town is 50 km South to Munglinup.

Cascade Primary School first opened at a site southeast of its current locality in 1974. This school was made up of a series of transportable buildings. After efforts by the local community, the government opted to build a new permanent structure to facilitate 100 children. This site was opened on the 17th July 1981. Our enrolments generally fluctuate between 20 and 30 students so we have lots of space for individualised teaching programs.

All students arrive on one of the three school buses from large agricultural operations, namely broad acre crop and sheep farming.


Due to the varying nature of numbers the classes are usually of two or three teacher configuration.
At the moment two multi-age grouped classes consist of K-2 and Years 3 - 6. Four-year old students attend on average 15 hours each week over the school year.

Our School Direction:
Cascade Primary strives to foster respect for one another, build on the strengths of students and extend their achievements in an inclusive learning environment. The teaching and learning planning is based upon a sound knowledge of students, pedagogy and content. We believe students learn best when an individual's health and well-being is the foundation for learning, when flexible learning opportunities are provided and when teaching and learning processes and strategies promote life- long learners.

The core values of our school are:
A positive approach to learning that is encouraged in others, high expectations of students and staff which results in high standards of social and academic achievement, the recognition of the differing circumstances and needs of all students and dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Other significant features of Cascade Primary include a 'sustainability ethos' and a whole school approach to social and emotional health, modelled on the Kids Matter framework and implemented through a health curriculum based Peer Support program, both of which are supported by staff, parents and the wider school community.
ICT plays a vital role in student learning and recently we have seen the development of a comprehensive ICT operational plan and improved infrastructure. The updating of interactive whiteboards in each of the teaching areas, laptops and the introduction of updated iPads into the Junior Classroom in the foreseeable future, will enable technology to be integrated across all learning areas.

Strategies to improve academic results are based upon a whole school approach, best practice utilising appropriate teaching strategies and the rigorous analysis of data to inform planning. Staff engage in cyclical planning, teaching and assessment sequences. Collaboration amongst teaching and administration staff is seen as essential to the success of this planning.

Junior and Senior Mallee network meetings provide the platform for professional growth and the development of a shared department pedagogy.

The small schools of our network (Mallee) also often combine events to maximize students' socialization, including singing and drama performances/incursions, Interschool Athletics Carnivals, an annual Swimming Camp at Esperance and Senior Camps.

Teachers and Principals of these schools collaboratively plan, and support each other as a network.

Busy-bees are a regular feature in our school. The Grounds Committee has supported whole school bushfire preparation, addition of outside storage (sea containers) and the further improvement of the Junior Primary playground including fencing in a large nature play area and bicycle path.

The Cascade Primary/community recycling station is open to the community and the school Worm Farm reduces food waste.


The Level 3 Primary School benefits from significant community support, particularly through the School Council, the Parents and Citizens Association and the Grounds Committee sub- committee.
Fundraising has been recently directed towards learning and teaching resources such as:
- classroom infrastructure
- reading books
- library books
- laptops/ipads
-school freshen up (painting)
- human resource employment

Cascade Primary School has an active and dynamic School Council which the teachers and Principal attend and support. Whilst contributing to the school planning process the school council also:
- contributes to determining the strategic direction of the school
- revising and endorsing the school policies
- approving fees and contributions for the following year and
- ensuring the draft budget has given appropriate consideration to priorities.

The school is widely recognised for its supportive community, the exceptional standard of resources and its proximity to the south coast (approximately 40kms).

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