Davallia Primary School (5566)

School Overview

Our school is a lively and vibrant place of learning which is built on our four core values of respect, responsibility, perseverance and innovation. These values underpin, drive and are reflected in all operations of our school.

Learning at Davallia Primary School is not solely about high academic attainment. We believe learning should focus on the development of the whole child. This is achieved through the delivery of a well-balanced and carefully crafted learning program reflective of the academic, emotional, social and physical development of each and every child. All this is carefully wrapped up in a whole lot of healthy fun.

We believe each and every child is differently able. As such, the individual needs of each child is our focus. The development of a healthy partnership with each family ensures the staff at our school are well placed to deliver an engaging, stimulating and enjoyable learning program tailored to meet the needs of each child.
Davallia Primary School is a special place of belonging and learning.

For more information please email Davallia.PS@education.wa.edu.au