Hillarys Primary School (5564)

School Overview

Hillarys Primary School has a rich history and a strong reputation as a dynamic school which is caring and achievement focussed.

In 2020 we were excited to receive the news that Hillarys Primary School would receive a major $18.7 million rebuild. This will mean that once built our students will be provided with the opportunity to learn in a modern school environment with a permanent capacity of around 592 students.

At Hillarys Primary School every student is important to us. We place students first and foremost in all our planning, operations and decision making.

'Every student, Every Classroom, Every day!'

We believe in doing our very best for our students and supporting them in every way we can- making learning exciting, purposeful and rewarding. At Hillarys Primary School we pride ourselves on maintaining a proactive and solution focussed approach, striving for a sense of belonging, community, connectedness, wellbeing and empowerment.

Hillarys Primary School is renowned for delivering unique and innovative programs which promote inquiry learning, critical thinking, creativity and excellence.

Our programs provide students with the opportunity to study a range of subjects including science, sustainability, physical education, visual arts, music and French.

Our highly skilled teachers engage students in learning programs that are adjusted to suit the students individual learning needs.

We pride ourselves on building positive and productive relationships with the school community and working together as a supportive team. Our commitment to partnerships and collaboration creates a vibrant and nurturing culture to support students and teachers, and effective teaching and learning. This promotes a strong sense of trust, school achievement and school pride throughout the school community.

We have a clear, shared school vision of Connected Community, Engaged Educators and Successful Students that is supported by the strategic focus on five important values- Respect, Responsibility, Inclusivity, Care and Motivation.

Hillarys Primary School cultivates an accepting, collaborative and innovative learning community- inspiring students to become capable, resilient and motivated learners who can adapt and thrive in an ever changing world. This is achieved through the efforts of our experienced and dedicated staff, and through the wonderful support of our parents, P&C and School Board.

We all work together to ensure every student is successful and every teacher is engaged at Hillarys Primary School.
I invite you to become and active and supportive member of our vibrant school culture and vision.

Yours truly
Trevor Mitchell
Hillarys PS