Pannawonica Primary School (5555)

School Overview

Pannawonica Primary School is an Independent Public School located in the western Pilbara that caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 12. As a small regional school, we deliver an inclusive, diverse and exciting range of programs that deliver the best possible education for children in Pannawonica.

Our staff are a highly motivated and professional team. They have formed a tight collegiate group which collaborates well and responds effectively to the needs of the children and community.

The school adopts a 'whole staff' approach and all staff are involved in school planning, school activities and regular professional learning.

We are a Teacher Development School for STEM, Maths and English, as well as participating in the Department of Education's Education and Care Network Initiative.

Specialist learning programs begin in Kindergarten and continue throughout our school. These programs include STEM, Talk for Writing, Young Writers' Club, Young STEM Club, Top Ten Maths, French, Letters and Sounds, Cracking the Code and Intervention. We collaboratively work with the local daycare centre and provide a Pre-Kindergarten Integration Program.

Our school vision is 'Ohana' which means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Our purpose is to make sure that our children, our staff, our parents/caregivers and our community members do not get left behind socially, emotionally, physically, academically or culturally.

We are a committed positive behaviour support school. Our four behaviours are to be responsible, be respectful, be resilient and be your best; which the whole school community actively encourages and implements daily.

A Youth Care Chaplain and an Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer are available for the students to access, and visiting specialists also regularly attend the school to support the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of our children.

The school is equipped with a fully networked computer system as well as interactive whiteboards, laptops, 3D Printer, a suite of robotics equipment and iPads that are integrated throughout the classrooms to assist learning.

Our Years 7 to 12 students have their own area on the school grounds. Students are taught using a combination of online learning through the School of Isolated Distance Education and lessons in the classroom.

Being a small and regional community, there is a strong focus on collaboration and communication both within the school and the town. We regularly work together on community events such as ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and NAIDOC.