Seaforth Primary School (5554)

School Overview

Welcome to Seaforth Primary School.

Our Vision is 'Supporting the Journey'. This statement is in fact the guiding principle of our school. Everything we do in our school relates that one statement. All new teaching and learning programs introduced into our school must contribute to supporting students to be successful in all aspects of schooling.

Seaforth Primary School is a relatively small school situated in the suburb of Gosnells. Student numbers hover around 300 which makes for a more personalised approach. The school is unusually placed as the front of the school is well and truly embedded in suburbia but the back is surrounded by paddocks with dairy cows occasionally wandering past.

The teaching areas are of a cluster design which allows classes to collaborate on learning tasks. There is a computer lab which has up to date equipment. We have computer ratio of 1 for every 6 students. The school has a large well stocked library. The library is used for many activities including a lunch time retreat and a Breakfast Reading program. Three Playground climbing structures dot the school and are highly utilised by students. A large undercover area is used for assemblies and boasts games like 4 square and over size chess.

The school has implemented a whole school teaching and learning pedagogy. This is based around the Language Literacy program developed by Dr Ann Morrice. In essence every lesson, regardless of the subject area, is a language lesson. Teaching is in cycles in which language is explicitly taught, supported through modelling and practiced. Seaforth also has a physical education program which centres on offering students a range of sporting types. The program is designed to expose students to sport they may not have considered, plus it helps with improving physical activity.

Student behaviour at our school is a focus. Our main theme is that students are here to learn and nothing should impede on this. The school has developed a new framework for managing student behaviour. The school has levels of good standing. Students who have good standing are rewarded by class teachers and clusters. The rewards vary and are tailored to the age of the students. Students are encouraged to always have good standing. Students outside this are given consequences that match the negative behaviour. It's all about personal responsibility. Major student negative behaviour is not a real issue at Seaforth.

In all Seaforth Primary School is great place to be. Visitors to our school comment on the positive atmosphere and the likeability of our students. This is something we are extremely proud of.