Carcoola Primary School (5543)

School Overview

The Carcoola Primary School community strives to ensure all students graduate with the attitudes, skills and confidence to achieve their individual potential and contribute to society. We believe that every child matters every day and parents, teachers and the community work in partnership to ensure students become happy, healthy and successful 21st Century learners.

Every staff member works hard to establish and maintain a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment for everyone whilst achieving realistic targets with high expectations for their students and themselves.

In order to deliver high quality learning and teaching programs all staff members collaboratively share skills, understandings and advice, whilst engaging in systematic self-assessment processes related to student learning and performance development.

Every staff member commits to building strong internal and external relationships between the school and its wider community while at the same time engaging in ongoing leadership development to ensure they and their students have the necessary leadership skills to be confident and worthy citizens able to function responsibly in a 21st Century society.

Through extensive review and planning processes resources are targeted at supporting individual student learning ensuring an integrated balance of technology and whole school learning strategies and programs.

Carcoola Primary School strives to be a SMART school aiming for students to:-
S Strive to achieve their potential
M Motivate themselves to learn
A Accept challenges and leadership
R Respect themselves, others and property, and
T Take care of the environment.

This is achieved through a renewed and relentless focus on the best possible teaching practice by highly skilled and motivated teachers and school leaders. The SMART strategic approach supports and embeds the school vision. As such our shared beliefs are that everything teachers do, and is done to support them, needs to be linked to increasing positive outcomes for student achievement.

The positive and consistent SMART culture enables the school community to live its motto 'Let us grow'.

Carcoola Primary School: Expecting the best from everyone