East Manjimup Primary School (5537)

School Overview

East Manjimup Primary School provides a family friendly rural setting with the school nestled between farm land and forest. Our wide open spaces, variety of play areas and equipment are enjoyed by all students. Modern school facilities, comprehensive technology resources and ability based learning programs contribute to making East Manjimup Primary School a school pursuing excellence.

Independent Public School 2012
Our school has recently become an Independent Public School and will begin to operate with the increased flexibilities of this initiative from 2012. Selection of staff, a new School Board, developing greater links with the Senior High School and variety of other flexibilities will allow EMPS to best suit our teaching and learning programs to our students and community.

The school has implemented an ability focused program that caters for the literacy and numeracy needs of each student. This means that students can work at their ability level rather than at the level of their peers. Programs such as Mathletics, Words Their Way (Spelling) and Recovery Reading are all ability based programs embedded within our school's culture. Our school has a focus on providing teaching and learning programs based on the needs of students.

Specialist Programs
The school offers Indonesian as a second language and many of our students have become very confident and proficient speakers. Several upper school students are currently accessing Indonesian extension based programs via the web.
Students are involved in a range of sports, including cross country, athletics, swimming and a range of team sports, which are supported by the schools Physical Education specialist. East Manjimup has a wonderful history of sporting excellence throughout the South West region.
Our school currently has a music program which focuses on developing students knowledge, skills and vocal ability. A school choir has been established in previous years.

A variety of other Gifted and Talented programs are available for students to participate in including:
* Leadership Improvement programs (Student Council, School Assemblies, Sporting, Leadership Camps)
* Speech & Drama Festival
* Mathsademic (Interschool maths competition)
* Spellademic (Interschool spelling competition)
* Arts Camp (Interschool Arts skills development)
* SouthWest Massed Choir

In addition to our existing two classroom clusters, our school has recently acquired two state of the art modern buildings. Our new, air-conditioned library has an up to date collection of new books and provides state of the art technology including computers, a digital projector for whole class lessons and a large, flat screen TV.
Our new Cluster building provides a purpose built Art/Craft room, computer laboratory (1 computer to each student) and two new classrooms.
All classrooms throughout the school are air-conditioned and have the latest interactive whiteboards installed. The school also has a purpose built music and drama building.

Pastoral Care & Behaviour Management
Our school has a very strong pastoral care program with a focus on developing and encouraging Values (Respect, Care & Compassion, Doing Your Best, Fair Go, Honesty & Trustworthiness, Integrity, Freedom, Responsibility, Understanding, Tolerance & Inclusion). Various supportive structures have been implemented to provide for the needs of our students including: School Chaplain, Breakfast program, comprehensive behaviour management processes, and the provision of School Volunteers (adult mentors).

Community Support
Our school also enjoys excellent community support with a small army of parent volunteers regularly (sometimes daily) engaged in the educational, sporting or social activities being undertaken. Our P&C is an active and enthusiastic group of parents that have helped organise many school improvement projects including air-conditioning all classrooms and front pathway renewal.

School web site: www.eastmanjimup.wa.edu.au