Lockridge Primary School (5536)

School Overview

Our school motto, 'Wisdom and Courage', derived from the traits of our mascot, the Gryphon, is reflected in the strength of our community. The people of Lockridge are steadfast in their connection to our school and the land on which we learn and grow together is culturally and historically rich. These two qualities provide a strong foundation on which to help our students become quality social citizens.

Located in the City of Swan, we are fortunate to be on country that has been inhabited for over 40,000 years by the Whadjuk Noongar people. The land around our school is rich in culturally and spiritually significant sites, important to our First Nations people. One these spiritual sites is the bend in the Swan River near Success Hill, where the Wagyl lives. Central to Noongar culture and belief, the Waugal is the serpent that created the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River). In 1837, the land was purchased by early settler, Edward Hamersley. Hamersley became a prominent landowner throughout the metropolitan and wheatbelt regions and was a member of the Guildford Board of Education from 1861 to 1867. The suburb took its name from Lockeridge House, which was built by his son Samuel in 1874, in the year of Edward's passing.

We are a values-driven school, who pride ourselves on fostering a culture through our positive approach to relationships, learning and life. This approach helps us support our students to understand and demonstrate our values of RESPECT, SAFE and HIGH STANDARDS. These values help our students exhibit the skills necessary to live strong, healthy lives, with the term, 'Lockridge Strong' becoming synonymous with our school community over recent years when celebrating our successes.

Our diverse student population is one of our unique strengths. It comprises a proud cohort of Aboriginal students (approximately 30% of our student cohort), a large group of students with UK/Anglo-Saxon heritage and many students hailing from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of Europe. We are proud to have approximately 30 nationalities represented within our student cohort, which reflects how our country can bring people together to all be Australian. We are proud that many of our students come from a lineage of long-time Lockridge families, yet, we are equally fortunate to have had new families move into our area over the years, all of whom have added to the rich tapestry of our school community.

We value our role in our community and the support of our parents, carers, families, supporters and stakeholders, who work alongside us to drive our positive school culture. Our educators are passionate and effective, our School Council and P&C Committee are invested in projects and school improvement, and our students are caring and understand that knowing and showing our positive values will assist their life-long learning habits. We encourage you to contact the school, should you feel we can assist your child to become the best they can be.