Camboon Primary School (5533)

School Overview

Welcome to Camboon Primary School, an Independent Public School located in Noranda. We provide an exciting education for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. One of the first things you will notice about our school is our diversity. We have learners coming from 32 different language backgrounds. Our positive and challenging teaching programs and ethos encourage all children to develop the knowledge, skills and values to become successful, confident, and creative individuals.

We have an outstanding reputation in the community and have high expectations of all children enrolled at our school. Our caring and nurturing environment, along with our exceptional learning programs, will provide your child the knowledge and skills to flourish.

At Camboon Primary School, your child will have the opportunity to take part in many of our specialist programs. Children can participate in our regional programs that will extend them academically. Children needing additional support in their literacy development are also supported through our MultiLit and MiniLit; research-based reading and phonics programs. Our dedicated student services team comprising of associate principals, a school psychologist and chaplain, provide a pastoral care program, assisting and identifying support pathways for all children.

Our staff use evidence-based strategies for learning, including; literacy block (a two-hour, uninterrupted, structured time for English learning which includes the research-based guided reading strategy, and the Talk 4 writing program); numeracy block (a consistent structure for learning mathematics); and learning strategies based on Visible Learning research.

At Camboon Primary school each child is treated as a valued individual. Our school motto of 'Courtesy and Consideration' is enacted through the adoption of high quality mental health and well-being programs. These programs include SDERA's Bounce Back and Challenges and Choices programs, the Friendology program and a focus on the explicit teaching of learner dispositions, where children make positive choices about their learning.

Literacy is celebrated through Book Week and ongoing reading reward programs, and we also celebrate the STEAM learning areas (science, technologies, engineering, art and mathematics) through a dedicated week of activities. The school celebrates indigenous histories through NAIDOC Week and its multicultural community through Harmony Day events and learning experiences. We are a Waterwise school and promote environmental awareness through involvement in Water Week and a number of recycling programs. Incursions and excursions that further enhance your child's learning and participation are also included in our busy calendar of events.

Your child will have many opportunities to undertake leadership duties, including being student councillors, faction captains, equipment monitors and members of the school's Social Justice Committee. These students mentor younger students in the playground, fundraise throughout the year to support our sister school, Amphet Phnom in Cambodia, and undertake sustainability activities.

We are proud of our reputation for offering a diverse range of subjects including music, visual arts, Italian and physical education, all taught by specialist teachers. We have an active school choir that participates in state-wide events and performs regularly in the local community. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in team sports against other local schools and have access to a range of specialist sports programs throughout the year. Children also participate in high quality dance and drama lessons in alternating years. Throughout the year, your child will have the opportunity to participate in a number of after school activities such as chess, coding, tennis and orienteering.

Children are presented with merit and endeavour awards for demonstrating positive attributes both in the classroom and the playground, and special recognition is also given for academic, artistic and sporting excellence and effort. Each month, we recognise outstanding contributions made by individual children through the Aussie of the Month program.

The Camboon Primary School Board is the governing body of the school and consists of parents, school staff and community representatives. The role of the School Board is to ensure the school meets identified goals and signs-off the school's Delivery and Performance Agreement.

The Camboon Parents and Citizen's Association are a dedicated group of parents who work tirelessly to support the endeavours of the school, benefiting the students, the school and the local community. The school has an on-site day care provider that offers both before and after school care, as well as vacation care. Our school is located near a wealth of community services and facilities including a child care centre, local athletics centre and district netball association courts.

To find out more information about Camboon Primary School, please contact us:

T: 9218 1400