Westfield Park Primary School (5530)

School Overview

At Westfield Park we aim to educate the whole child so they can embrace the future with integrity, compassion and a love for lifelong learning.

Our school offers a calm natural environment with well-resourced classrooms. Children are nurtured, valued, and encouraged to reach their full potential. We have a strong sense of community and a commitment to provide an education that addresses the academic, artistic, social, physical and emotional development of all the children at our school.

Staff work together with families, community and agencies to ensure a positive learning environment that encourages children to become inquiring, confident and responsible members of society.

Facilities & services include:
* Inviting, purpose built Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classrooms;
* Specialist classrooms: STEM, Science, Art and Home Economics;
* Extension and intervention classes;
* Multimedia teaching facilities;
* Well-appointed library;
* After-School Clubs;
* Breakfast Club;
* School Counsellor;
* School Chaplain;
* Playgroups;
* Canteen open every day;
* Child & Parent Centre with dedicated early childhood health care and family support;
* Dental Therapy Unit;
* Onsite before & after school care and
* Spacious oval with footy and soccer pitches.

Westfield Park is a trauma responsive school and in 2020 was independently verified as meeting every element of the National Quality Standards.
Please contact us to discover more about our school.

T: 9234 9200
E: WestfieldPark.PS@education.wa.edu.au