Scaddan Primary School (5529)

School Overview

Scaddan Primary School is a caring and positive environment. High quality explicit teaching enables our children to become 21st century problem solvers who actively contribute to the local and global community. We nurture pride, excellence and respect to grow independent and confident children who value themselves and others. We are a unique and proud community built on positive relationships.

Scaddan Primary School, located 50kms from Esperance, caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. The student population is drawn from the Scaddan and Grass Patch farming communities. Students come from surrounding farms and travel some distance on one of two buses servicing the school.

We currently offer two classes - a Kindergarten to Year 1 class, and a Year 2 to 6 class, both of which are supported by part-time education assistants, part time teacher and a teaching principal. This structure and our smaller class sizes allow us to maximise educational outcomes for our students. Research has highlighted the benefit for children when learning in a multi-age classroom. Children are provided with a more holistic, child-responsive curriculum that considers the understandings, capabilities and dispositions of each child. The younger children benefit from the positive modelling of older children, often aspiring to their levels of capability. At the same time, older children rise to the expectations of the younger children, being responsible and having the opportunity to lend and use their expertise (Multi-Age Learning and Teaching, 2006, Queensland Government).

Through integrating different learning styles we grow independent, confident and self-directed learners. We acknowledge that not all students learn at the same rate. Our school has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, using high quality explicit teaching to ensure our students become competent in these essential skills. Students learn to think critically, value themselves, others and actively contribute to the local and global community.

We are proud of our diverse range of programs that engage all learners at our school. These range from our core literacy and numeracy programs to dedicated information and communications technology time. Students also enjoy taking part in hands on learning experiences with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.

Our school has a passionate and active P&C and School Council who work closely with the school to ensure children are provided with the best educational opportunities.

Our school is a dynamic, inclusive learning community that is based on mutual respect, personal responsibility, honesty and integrity. High expectations are the core of everything we do with a focus on achieving our personal best.

We invite you to discover more about what our school can offer your child:
T: 9075 6055