Scaddan Primary School (5529)

School Overview

School Vision
Scaddan Primary School is a caring and positive environment. High quality explicit teaching enables our children to become 21st century problem solvers who actively contribute to the local and global community. We nurture pride, excellence and respect to grow independent and confident children who value themselves and others. We are a unique and proud community built on positive relationships.

Scaddan Primary School is a Level 3 primary school located 50kms from Esperance in the Goldfields Region, catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. The student population is drawn from the Scaddan and Grass Patch farming communities. Students come from surrounding farms and travel some distance on one of two buses servicing the school.

We currently offer two multi-age classes complimented with a third class three days per week. The Kindergarten to Year 2 class and Year 3 to 6 class are supported by part-time education assistants. We also have a Curriculum Support Teacher (CST), specialist Science teacher, chaplain and a teaching principal. This structure and smaller class sizes allow us to maximise educational outcomes for our students. Our multi-age classrooms position learners at the heart of their educational continuum, encouraging students to evolve as leaders and learners. Students build positive relationships, respect, confidence, kindness, and acceptance. They develop vital 21st century skills including communication, collaboration, flexibility, leadership, and initiative.

Our staff members are continually investigating ways to improve teaching and learning through research, data analysis and professional learning. We have developed whole school, evidence based approaches to teaching to ensure that all students achieve to the best of their ability.

Scaddan Primary School has a strong focus on quality teaching and high expectations with each classroom well-presented and equipped to support student learning. Technology forms part of the learning process with students learning the skills necessary for the 21st century. Classrooms are equipped with laptops, iPads and interactive technology including robotics and coding to support the learning program with significant focus on English and Mathematics.

We have 29 students currently enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 6. The students are provided with specialist Science, Physical Education, Stephanie Alexander Garden Kitchen, LOTE (French), PEAC/TAGS and Visual Arts classes.

A whole school planning process is embedded across the school to strategically plan and implement targeted actions that result in whole school improvements. The school is due for a Public School Review in Term 3 2022. The current Strategic Plan is focused on four core areas including students, staff, learning environment and community. There is a strong focus on student achievement across all learning areas, an emphasis on reaching aspirational literacy and numeracy targets and supporting the development of staff.

Our school has a passionate and active P&C and School Council who work closely with the school to ensure children are provided with the best educational opportunities. Our school recognises the important contributions that parents make to support each child's learning journey and work alongside families to meet the needs of every child.

The outside learning environment is expansive and the nature playground creates further opportunities for children to learn and play in an inspiring outdoor environment.

Scaddan Primary School is committed to collaborating with other Mallee schools to continuously improve school practices and approaches. As part of the Mallee network of schools, we work alongside four local level 3 primary schools (Salmon Gums, Condingup, Cascade and Munglinup Primary Schools) and our feeder high school (Esperance Senior High School) to maximise teacher expertise and effective resource utilisation.

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