Walliston Primary School (5525)

School Overview

Walliston Primary School is located in the hills east of Perth. Our school is a vibrant and friendly place in which to learn and to work.

Opened in 1970 and has built a reputation for care, equity and excellence. Students and staff are proud of the results and the high standards they consistently achieve.

Traditions form an important part of the school's culture.

The School Purpose is: 'To ensure that all students at Walliston develop the knowledge, skills and values to achieve their potential and contribute to society'.

Walliston has a comprehensive and inclusive Kindergarten to Year 6 program with 180 students working in partnership with the family and school community, promoting the development of a independent, responsible and confident learners.

Many parents regularly assist in various classroom activities, mentoring and support programs. The P&C is strong and supportive, raising funds for significant projects to supplement the school's resources.
The School Council meets each term with parent, community and staff representation.

All students wear school uniform encouraging pride and school spirit. New uniforms have been adopted with input from staff, students and parents.The Behaviour Code and proactive anti-bullying strategies make this school a safe, welcoming environment for all students.

Literacy and Numeracy skills are vital and are a continuing focus of Walliston's learning program.

The vigorous and comprehensive learning programs are underpinned by an ethos placing importance on the individual and on traditional values.

The school has an ICT focus. Class-sets of iPads and computers are used.

Music, Dance and Visual Arts are a strong feature of the school. The choirs regularly perform in public.
Talent Search concerts and dance group.

This is a Sun Smart, WasteWise, WaterWise School and an Asthma Friendly School.

Staff morale is high. All staff members are approachable and friendly.