Walliston Primary School (5525)

School Overview

Walliston Primary School opened in 1970 after lobbying from the local community with a student population of 86 and three staff. The community was instrumental in the setting up of the school oval and the planning of the grounds. This tradition continues at Walliston Primary School today with a high level of community engagement in many of the school programs.

Walliston Primary School is located in a bushland setting at one of the highest points in the hills, east of the city of Perth. Our school motto 'Aim High' refers not only to our geographical location but to the expectations we place upon ourselves as educators and our expectations of our students. A large amount of retained natural bush and native shrubs enhance the spacious school grounds. Walliston Primary School is a pleasant place in which to learn and to work

Our school operates with a focus on the child and their capacity to learn in different ways at different stages of their schooling. Learning is more than an academic pursuit; it is a 'total picture', which provides a balance between a student's intellectual, physical, emotional and relational needs. We are committed to making a difference for every student in every classroom, every day by providing a learning environment where children feel safe, valued and confident to tackle academic and personal challenges.

Our school has built a reputation for progressive academic performance, community engagement and commitment to educational and social emotional growth for students. Our highly skilled and motivated staff and school leaders maintain comprehensive commitment to 'The Walliston Way' approach towards teaching and learning. This commitment creates opportunities for every child to achieve their potential.

Our whole school pedagogy is developed around a balanced approach of Inquiry Learning, Play-Based Learning, Explicit Teaching and Visible Learning, and this sits at the heart of our teaching and learning. Our school understands and acknowledges the impact and influence we have and this is central to the development of evidence based programs and curriculum delivery that challenges students to be independent, resilient learners and creative and critical thinkers. We generate opportunities for students to build on their strengths; to be respectful, resilient, engaged and excel as citizens supporting them to be successful individuals. We are committed to building genuine partnerships with our parents and community. These relationships continue to support the strong school culture of trust and respect.

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