Bateman Primary School (5519)

School Overview

Bateman Primary School, an Independent Public School, is located in the suburb of Bateman, 14km south of Perth City. Our school is focused on the development of the 'Whole Child' through a whole-school Wellness approach which seeks to create a safe and inclusive school environment for every student, and excellent teaching practice.

To engage every student at their level of need, we differentiate all learning activities to provide both support and extension opportunities. We employ a Student Services Coordinator and a GATE coordinator to ensure that we are able to work closely with families to meet the social, academic and health needs of their children. High levels of individual support and the belief in student wellness are key principles for our whole school community. We utilise our school chaplain in our wellness programs and support learning with evidence-based programs such as MiniLit and MacqLit with trained teachers and provide support for those with a non-English-language background.

We support classrooms by providing specialist teachers in Mandarin, Science, Phys. Ed. and Music as well as running a kitchen garden cooking program in which students plant and care for vegetables and fruit, collect eggs and produce and then follow recipes to prepare and eat the things they have grown.

We have an opt-in BYOD iPad program, and all classes are well-resourced in terms of technology and other teaching resources.

We have an amazingly supportive and diverse school community who believe in our 'Whole-Child' philosophy and are active in activities around the school. Our grounds and beautiful and families are encouraged to use our facilities after school and on weekends. The school provides out-of-school-hours care and access to third party providers onsite to cater for the needs of our families.

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