Anzac Terrace Primary School (5509)

School Overview

At Anzac Terrace Primary School our school purpose is to develop the potential of students so they can maximise educational opportunities in academic, social, physical and creative skills and abilities for the promotion of self worth and independence in a positive, disciplined and friendly atmosphere.

Our major goals are to develop and provide: academic excellence; a stimulating learning environment; a high level of physical well being associated with physical fitness and being a healthy individual; an awareness and appreciation of the fundamental values of honesty, selflessness and care; individual creative expression; and to develop responsible and respected members of the community. The school community consists of many different cultural groups but nearly all students were born in Australia.

Anzac Terrace Primary School, situated at the western end of the Town of Bassendean, was established in 1969 and has subsequently received a major upgrade to the administration area, undercover area, art room, pre-primary centres and music room. It is situated within a lovely garden setting in extensive grounds with mature shade trees and plenty of play areas, including lawns and ovals, basketball and netball courts, climbing equipment and fitness tracks.

Our school has excellent facilities that cater for students from kindergarten to year 7 including: well organised and presented classrooms and cluster areas; a well resourced and presented library; an excellent computer room and computers in each classroom and cluster area; a spacious art/craft room; a well resourced music room and a soon-to-be fully enclosed undercover / assembly / activity area. The grounds and buildings provide an outstanding educational facility.

Experienced and dedicated teachers and support staff provide considerable expertise for our school through their quality learning, teaching and assessment programs, developing a strong community reputation for academic achievements, cultural developments and sporting programs. Academically, students at our school consistently perform above the WALNA state average and WA Achievement Targets in reading, writing, spelling and mathematics and they participate in learning experiences that challenge and extend all students to achieve towards their potential, including special programs such as Getting it Right Numeracy, Literacy Army, Students at Risk and Gifted and Talented students.

During 2006 Anzac Terrace Primary School continued its focus on Values as outlined in the Curriculum Framework. A common approach and language was used throughout the school and the Inquiry Approach was used to help develop Thinking and Reasoning Skills.

Culturally, our students participate enthusiastically within our art/craft specialist program, music program and drama/oral English programs. Anzac Terrace is recognised for its high quality music and visual arts programs, particularly the Junior and Senior Choirs performances - assemblies, special days, Combined School Choir, Music Festivals and Schools Make Music. Our school instrumental music program and ensemble group provide further opportunities to explore and extend musical talents.

Our Art Specialist provides a dynamic visual arts program to challenge and improve student outcomes and experiences. We work successfully with the Town of Bassendean and other Shires/Towns to participate in competitions and community awards, including all visual arts and multi media.

Night of the Arts showcases these creative learning experiences to a very appreciative audience with our students demonstrating confidence and ability during their fabulous performances and through the outstanding art / craft whole school displays and multi media shows.

Extended pastoral care is provided by our School Chaplain and the School Volunteer Program to collectively provide extra guidance and support for the social, spiritual and personal growth and development of all students. This very effective whole school approach also includes parent helpers who assist students with learning/social difficulties and the Safety House Program.

Anzac Terrace has developed strong community participation with a very active parent body, P&C Association and School Council. The P&C have recently completed air conditioning the whole school and upgrading the Early Childhood Education play area with lawns, borders and climbing equipment. This highly effective parent body continually works with school staff to plan and improve our grounds, buildings and resources to provide a healthy and safe environment for all students.

Anzac Terrace Primary School boasts many outstanding features and we consistently endeavour to maintain a healthy and safe environment that promotes teaching and learning with a high level of respect, courtesy and self esteem. Parents are supported and encouraged to take an active role with the education of their children and the school acknowledges their valuable feedback and support.