Kingsley Primary School (5506)

School Overview

Kingsley Primary School is situated in the suburb of Armadale, nestled in a beautiful setting of natural bush land.
The school has a rich tradition with many of the children who attend the school being siblings of former students. Music has been an important focus in the school for many years. Currently the school offers both choir and instrumental programs. Students experience specialised physical education and have the opportunity of participating in a varied sports program. They also study Indonesian through our LOTE program. Kingsley offers pre primary and kindergarten programs. The school focuses on delivering a broad curriculum with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy.

The school is engaged in a process of continual improvement so as to build on its perceived strengths. Above all it has a highly experienced and professional staff that have worked together as a team for some time. The staff at Kingsley Primary has embraced the changes that are occurring in relation to contemporary educational practice, and are incorporating these changes into the already successful programs the school has in place. The relative size of the school means that the staff as a whole are aware of the students as individuals, ensuring a caring and understanding approach and tone. Although the rate of movement of children has increased in recent years, the student population is reasonably stable. The parent body is very supportive, assisting the school through an active P and C, School Council and Canteen.

In recent years the school has, based on the demographics of its student population, accessed Commonwealth Government funds that are targeted towards the priority areas of Literacy and Numeracy.

Students at Kingsley Primary School have been very successful in terms of gaining scholarships and entrance into 'specialist programs' in secondary schools. Generally students exit Kingsley to Kelmscott Senior High School, Armadale Senior High School or Cecil Andrews Senior High School. Recently students have achieved entrance into a range of secondary, academic, music, art, athletic, soccer and aviation specialist programs.

In 1999 the school commenced a relationship with the South East Metropolitan Language Development School. An annex of the school was established at Kingsley Primary School to service the needs of students from the south-east metropolitan region. The number of S.E.M.L.D.S. classes at Kingsley Primary School has now risen to four including a pre-primary.