Woodlands Primary School (5482)

School Overview

We are a dynamic and vibrant learning community, with a strong reputation for delivering quality education, cultural and pastoral care programs from Kindergarten to Year 6. We have a firm belief in the unique value of each student, and aspire to provide students with opportunities to discover and develop their talents and abilities. This is facilitated through the delivery of a diverse and engaging curriculum, including specialist programs in Science, Music, Visual Arts, Japanese, Physical Education and Sustainability.

In recognition that all students are individuals, we responds to the diverse needs of all students through the provision of programs and interventions that allow all students to engage with the WA Curriculum. Similarly, gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6 have access to a wide range of extension courses through Primary Extension and Challenge programs (PEAC).Those in the Early Years can access the Early Years Extension program. Students typically display enthusiasm towards the learning program as they develop their social, physical and creative abilities and skills. Students consistently display pride in their own, peers and school achievements and enjoy being a part of the school community.

Our school runs a comprehensive Positive Behaviour Support program, which aims to develop in the students the four school values of Belonging, Respect, Humanity and Possibilities. These four values are represented by four mythical Woodlandian characters. When Humanity, Belonging and Respect are embedded in a child's behaviour, it will open up infinite Possibilities as students embrace the challenges of the future.

Our specialist Science program caters for students from Pre-primary to Year 6 and delivers hands-on-authentic sessions, in a purpose built Science classroom. The inquiry based program provides our students with ways to explore and gain a greater understanding of the world. Science by Doing encourages students' natural curiosity and willingness to explore. It inspires problem solving and questioning about their world.

The Visual Arts program includes the fields of art, craft and design. Students create visual art works that communicate, challenge and express their own and others' ideas. It encourages all students to engage, inspire and enrich their own learning, along with exciting their imagination and reaching their creative and expressive potential.
Participating in our Music program, students will explore singing, theory, percussion, movement, ukulele and recorder appropriate to the year level from Year 1 to Year 6. Our school is at the forefront of integrating digital technology into our music program.

The junior and senior choirs perform at school assemblies and special events, including the WA Government School Music Society Make Music concert at Crown, the Massed Choir Festival, The Children Sing Festival and performances at aged care facilities. Special instrumental programmes provided by the Department of Education's 'Specialist in Instrumental Music' (SIMS) are available in clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola and cello for selected students. An Ensemble Music Specialist conducts a string ensemble class one morning per week.
Woodlands Primary School consistently performs well at interschool athletics, sporting and swimming events. The students' sportsmanship, support of each other and their willingness to try their hardest in a challenging environment consistently demonstrates how students have embedded the four school values into their approach.

With a strong focus on living sustainably, all students are included in lessons on sustainable practises. Each class at the school reuses and recycles paper, puts their fruit and vegetable scraps into a bucket for the three worm farms, tend to our school vegetable garden and orchard and contribute to reducing waste at the school. Our school is a collection point for aluminium cans, batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and oral hygiene products.

The School has a strong history of working together closely as a community to provide the best possible learning opportunities for its students. Some of the school's parents attended the school as children. Parents and carers receive regular, relevant information on student progress via Connect. Fortnightly assemblies, the school website and weekly newsletters are utilised to promote student achievement and provide an effective medium for disseminating information. Woodlands Primary School has an active, involved School Board and Parents and Citizens Association. A high percentage of the parent population is engaged in professional occupations.

As a collective team, our dedicated school staff holds a good balance of youth and experience. The staff and administration foster a culture of working collaboratively to maximise learning outcomes. At all times the staff of Woodlands Primary School are concerned with the development and nurturing of the whole child.
The suburb of Woodlands was developed in the late 1950's and early 1960's. The school was opened in February, 1964 with an enrolment of 53 students. Forward planning saw many trees retained at the school site and throughout the suburb, providing the school with a delightfully picturesque and shady environment.

The Woodlands Primary School community strives to provide a world of opportunity for its students through the power of learning.